The First Chapter ~ A Prelude


“Seems like my advice had no affect, Suffer Like G did!”

Abnormal things are haunting in the old streets where it rains ……… Is the nightmare happening again? A devil with an ominous voice, this is still just an overture!


High Score Guide

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Original Mode Item Locations

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Boss: Judgment Type-28

“JUDGMENT” is a pair of a monsters “KUARL” without a neck and a small devil “ZEAL” flying in the air .
The point is to aim for “ZEAL”, which is a weak point.


While it may not be very effective to reduce Judgment’s heath bar, continously shooting “KUARL” will earn the player 10 points. Shooting the light bulbs will also grant the player an extra 10 points.

If “KUARL” grabs the battle ax with both hands, “ZEAL” will stop moving in the sky.

“Go! KUARL!” Is called out, so you can
easily shoot it in the meantime
Even after “KUARL” makes an ax attack, “ZEAL” will always stop moving.
Don’t miss that chance.
Until “ZEAL” stops moving, “Kuarl” can be fired continuously to reduce
his health bar .
If you reduce the health bar to 30%, you will have a head-on match with “ZEAL”.
There are two types of attack patterns for “ZEAL” .
[1] Left / Right movement /
Up / down movement “ZEAL” rushes while shaking. If you fire at the center of the movement,
you will be able to break through.

[2] The left / right turn

“ZEAL” turns greatly.
Aim at the turning point and capture the moment of turning .

Stage Gallery

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