Who is this “Mystery Man”?

Who is this “Mystery Man” who appears in the endings of The House of the Dead III and 4. Is he the mastermind behind the events of the entire series? Some say he’s AMS Agent Harry Harris,  who was injured by Strength in The House of the Dead 2.  As you see how the way the Mystery Man walks, he limps on one leg. However, he shows signs of old age. So the rumor of him being the shady AMS Agent maybe false. Others say that he could be Papa Caesàr as he shows sign of age and was shot in the leg by one of the protagonist. Though, he was killed by the prison warden, Clement Darling towards the end of Overkill.

So who could he be? Why did he say human’s have no need of hope and the vital he picked up, what is its “true” purpose? Perhaps, we will find out in the next installment of The House of the Dead.


To obtain this ending in the House of the Dead III, you must fight these bosses in the following order after Chapter 1:Sun, Death, and Fool. Your ranks must consist of more S’s and a full partner rescue.


To obtain this ending in the House of the Dead 4, your ranks at the end must consist of A’s and S’s. Your accuracy must be 70% (Perfect) and final rank overall must be Special or Top Agent.