Sega Amusements posts The House of the Dead 4 arcade pics and info from 2005

Sega Amusements, a Sega’s arcade company in charge of producing arcades to the market, posted lots of HOTD4 information from the company’s vault to their Facebook Timeline which includes screenshots, booth photos showing of the game, artwork, the Lindbergh arcade system and a G3 article interview with Yashuhiro Nishiyama, the producer of Sega Coporation’s AM R&D Division dated back in 2005. Pretty neat stuff Sega Amusements been posting the past few weeks and the article really intrigues me. Here are some words from the producer back in 2005.

“I personally spend a lot of time in gaming environments with players, in arcades, pubs, bowling centres, just watching the customers, imaging them playing my game in order to build profiles. I would quit this business if I lost this connection to the player, this sense of the games they want to play” ~ Yashuhiro Nishiyama

 I believe that Nishiyama-san’s marketing strategy and spending time with players at the arcade really worked well for The House of the Dead 4. Not to forget that The House of the Dead 4 sold pretty well on PSN last April. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a next installment real soon along with ports of the original game and Loving Deads. Check out the gallery below with booth photos, beta screenshots, artwork, and the article. While your at it “Like” and Follow Sega Amusements on their Facebook and Twitter page for more awesome Sega arcade stuff.

Source: Sega Amusement’s Facebook Page