The House of the Dead 4 Behind the Scenes

Forgive me for using my Tablet to record videos. I’m in a tight budget so I can save up for the Sonic Boom event *laughs* Anyway after completing The House of the Dead 4, you are treated yet again with another behind the scenes video with the series director, Takashi Oda and producer, Yasuhiro Nishiyama. In part 2 of this behind the scenes video, they discuss how they’ve met at Sega during the merge of their development studios (Thus, becoming Sega WOW) and how they share ideas to each other to bring it out as a product to the audience of the gaming industry. They also take about the development the female lead by using Hollywood actresses as references, possibly lead the development of AMS Agent Kate Green. Nishiyama-san then compliments Takashi Oda and is luck that he’s gets to work with Oda-san on these games everyday.