The House of the Dead 4

The House of the Dead 4
Developer: Sega WOW Overworks
Platforms: Arcade, PS3
Release: 2005 (Arcade) 2012 (PS3)

The House of the Dead 4 is the fourth installment of the series. The game runs on Sega’s Lindbergh arcade hardware that delivers motions picture quality sound and graphics. The hardware’s power allows more zombies than ever before to fill the screen with such intricate detail the player will be in a world he has never experienced before. Weaponary has changed once again in this installment with the use of a lightweight sub-machine gun with a new feature to allow reloading ammunition and escaping enemy grasps by “simply shaking the gun”

Arcade Flyer Story
“Back in 2000 James Taylor, an AMS government agent, battled in what became known as the “Goldman Incident”. That was the evil genius Goldman’s first attempt to wipe out the human race and gain world domination – Taylor succeeded. This time teamed up with a new sexy and sophisticated sidekick, Kate Green, they tackle Goldman’s army of zombies who are attacking a European city.


Chapter 1 – Escape
Chapter 2 – Lost
Chapter 3 – Emptiness
Chapter 4 – Despair
Chapter 5 – Reunion
Chapter 6 – Hope

*coming soon*

STAR T-0001


* When James and Kate enter inside Goldman’s Building, Kate says “It’s like their invited us in”. This pays tribute to the second game when James and Gary entered the building for the first time.
* James also quoted “There’s no turning back now.” in chapter 4. That is a homage from the second game when him and Gary entered the elevator .
* In Chapter 5 “Reunion”, the bridge in point A0063 between Goldman Building was destroyed by the Hierophant in The House of the Dead 2. You can see the huge hole as James and Kate drives by it.
* Gary Stewart, the second protagnist of The House of the Dead 2, appears as a cameo in a flashback sequence in the last chapter.



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7 thoughts on “The House of the Dead 4

  1. Where can you find G? I’ve beat the game. (In the arcades with $12 and on multiplayer! A big thank you to my dad who helped me take down Goldman, Justice, Lovers, Star, World, Empress and Temperance!)

  2. The house of the dead 4 is very good But it is not play in computer ………………………………………….How long has SEGA upload The house of the dead4 to download in computer?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. G stands for………… Gaiden! Yes, G stands for Gaiden and this isn’t bullshi because it was in the original House of the Dead instruction manual!

    • I was such an idiot when I made these comments. They are the most regrettable things I have ever done in my life. If someone sees these, know that I’ve changed. I am no longer a stupid, dimwitted 10 year old and can speak like a normal, educated human being. Please do not see these comments as who I am now. I am still a fan of The House of the Dead and will continue to support the series, but not in a way that makes me look like a halfwit.

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