Zombie Revenge

Zombie Revenge
Developer: AM1 with support from Data East
Platforms: Arcade (NAOMI), Dreamcast, PS2 (Canceled)
Release Date: 1999

Zombie Revenge is a beat’em up title by Sega Corporation and is a spinoff to The House of the Dead series. Once you’ve played the game for a bit, you’ll see what I mean. Players must battle their way through zombies not only with guns but with their bare knuckle, chain guns, laser guns. The Dreamcast version has new modes such as Vs. Boss, Fighting Mode and Original Mode that features Normal, Gun, and Bare Knuckle Mode. This version also ulizizes the VMU (Visual Memory Unit) with unique features like training your own zombie for Fighting Mode with items obtained from Original Mode. Three AMS agents are sent to Woodside City to stop the evil Zed from releasing the virus to turn all humans into zombies. Don’t forget, if your surrounded by tons of zombies, Marco will help you with his trusty rope.

In a top-secret military research facility, UDS (United States Defensive Specialists) developed the ultimate warrior. This warrior requires no sleep, consumes no food and possess unnatural strength and agility. Some call them the undead but you know them to be synthetically engineered Zombies. A radical ban of terrorist located and overtook the research installation killing all those that got in their way. They have since amassed an army of Zombies and set them loose in the city. You and two other special agents must locate and neutralize these Zombies before they escape the city and inflict their terror throughout the country. For your sake, I hope you don’t run out of bullets.
The time is the present.
A city has been suddenly filled
with the souls of the dead.
U.D.S. Undead Soldier
It was a top-secret plan to utilize the dead
for military purposes. Just before it
was ready for operation all was thrown
into darkness by someone unknown.
A year later the city had become
the home of the dead.
The only thing certain is that the world’s fate
is in the hands of 3 agents.

Stick Breitling
Linda Rotta
Rikiya Busujima
Marco Cloud

Varm Hedlin & Shell Hedlin
UDS-7P II 00 & UDS-7P II-01
Black Magician Type 01


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9 thoughts on “Zombie Revenge

      • It’s a great game, you can just tell it’s made from AM1 because of the styling of the game, it’s incredibly similar to House of The Dead 2 in a lot of ways.

        Also cool how the final boss is pretty much the hangedman from HOTD 1 with the World’s moves.

        • I think they got Tetsuya Kawauchi to compose Vampire Night as well, the boss stun meter introduced in HOTD3 was first seen in Vampire Night, it has branching paths, and deliciously bad voice acting to boot. =P Loved it.

  1. Reading this tempted me to redo the Zombie Revenge page on the HOTD wiki (which I nickname the Wiki of the Dead the other day. Wouldn’t mind the name except I imagine some High School of the Dead fans would get upset)

    I loved this game to death back when it first came out (no pun intended), despite all its flaws, voice acting and plot. Kinda wish they had costumes where you could play as Rogan, Sophie and G, with ZED as Curien or something.

    • That would have been awesome to have costumes like that since this game is a spinoff to the HotD.

      As for the page, I’m going to link some stuff to this page and include a UDS (Undead Soldiers) creature page once there descriptions are translated. Can’t just leave it there linkless.

      • LOL, bad copy-pasting on my part. Should’ve said “on the HotD wiki the other day”.

        That’d be great and I agree. I made pages for the individual characters as well and none of them have any images at the moment, and I thought it’d be rude to simply take your scans without saying anything. Could’ve sworn I saved a ton of artwork from the game from Sega’s site that would’ve sufficed, but I can’t find it. (I was REALLY excited for this back when it came out, third person HotD and all) Probably on a backup disc back home or something. Also makes me regret not saving every image I could from Sega’s site back when the Saturn version of HotD was released, though if I remember correctly they’re similar to your scans.

        BTW, all this time, I never noticed that Busujima’s card seen in the character select screen is completely different than Stick and Linda’s, and doesn’t say AMS on it. I’m tempted to translate it myself.

        I wrote a ton of stuff in the ZR sections of the HotD wiki, and while it goes without saying, anyone’s more than welcome to add info or correct misinfo!

          • Thanks, that’d be awesome.

            I can only attempt to translate it: I have absolutely no knowledge of Japanese or know any translators. All I’ve been able to find out is that the first line means “Home Affairs Department”, otherwise I get mixed results. Definitely underestimated how difficult it would be…

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