New Project X Zone Trailer shows off all characters in motion including Rikiya Bushujima

Namco Bandai Games has just released a new 10 minute trailer of the upcoming 3DS game Project X Zone, which is a dream crossover RPG tatical game featuring characters by Capcom, Sega, and Namco. This new trailer shows off all the characters that are playable. For all of the HotD/Zombie Revenge can see Rikiya Busujima in action with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine fighting (literally) beating the crap out of an Ebitan creature in the Curien Mansion grounds. He seems to retain all of his moves from Zombie Revenge. He appears as a solo tag and maybe the only character representing the HotD series and Zombie Revenge. Project X Zone is set to be released on October 11, 2012 for the Nintendo in Japan only. In my honest opinion, the West wants this game so bad due to it’s awesomeness. Just watch the entire trailer to see what I mean. Enjoy!

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