The Podcast of the Dead #1: Retrospect, Fear and Future

After months of planning, here is the one of the original contents that will be featured on The Website of the Dead every month as promised! We present to you The Podcast of the Dead.

In this month’s episode, we have myself and a special guest from SEGABits, George. Join us as we talk about topics on The House of the Dead series, our first experience with the franchise and the future of the light gun arcade genre. LISTEN or DIE!

Download coming soon!

Special Thanks to George for the title image.

2 thoughts on “The Podcast of the Dead #1: Retrospect, Fear and Future

  1. Dave & Busters… I would sometimes draw in a crowd while playing House of The Dead. It’s great when a kid joins in on a game, sometimes getting towards the end. I just hate having to pump in credit into the D&B card! I seriously spent at least 200 bucks on HotD2 at D&B. Not ashamed, though!

    I mean, when arcades started declining in the 90s, there was always a HotD game around. Even when I was shying away from arcades, I was always glad to see a new HotD game. Guess those days are gone for good.

    I also like the clicking noise Kori makes. It’s like the Fantastic Mr. Fox!

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