Interview with Will Sierra, the voice of Agent G

Will Sierra was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ. His love for the Arts started at the early age of 10, headlining in every school musical production. Then Will moved on to photography in high school. Upon graduation, Will Sierra discovered a new-found passion in fashion and home furnishings design. In 1994, Will Sierra re-discovered his love of acting and head-lined in numerous theatrical productions.

Today we have Will Sierra, providing answers to many fans of the House of the Dead series about his voice acting role as the famous AMS Special Agent G.

1. Have you ever played or heard of The House of the Dead series before you signed up to provide G’s voice in Overkill?

Yes, of course I did! Back in high-school, we would cut class and run to the arcade and spend all our lunch money on the actual huge video game machine! Such good and scary-fun memories!

2. Did you get the chance to ad-lib any of his lines in the game or did they mostly stick to the script?

When working on voice-over projects, it depends on the director and each individual project. On this project, we were directed to stick to the script. (Besides, I am also a writer, I respect the actual written word and usually do not deviate from a good script.)

3. Was Agent G’s personality something you brought to the character or did you have to follow a strict guideline?

Personality or character is always a huge decision when playing a role. For “Agent G”, I was asked my opinion and we all agreed that where I deciding to go was perfect. I gave him a cool, subtle approach, a la Keanu Reeves meets Rod Serling… Even-toned cool!

4. Did you enjoy providing G’s voice?

“Cream my panties!” or “Almost peed my pants!” … Which best describes an exuberant joy? I am a huge gamer myself… Now my nephews, nieces and friends can all play ME whenever they want to! The kid in me was thrilled!

5. Before you voiced G, were you given a chance to voice any of the other characters in the game?

The audition process was also the favorite of my career to date. I tried out for “Papa Cesar” and Varla’s brother, Jasper. They liked me as “G” and that was that.

6. How was your experience working with the other voice actors?

When doing voice-over work, you are almost always alone. But, on this project, I was scheduled in between Sarah (Varla) and Anthony (Washington). I met and chatted with both for quite some time. Both were cool and it was extremely helpful to build a mini ‘bond’ with my virtual video amigos!

7. Would you love to provide the voice of G in a sequel to The House of the Dead Overkill?

I would be honored and “over the moon!” with excitement. Unfortunately, to date I haven’t been offered.  I’ve heard whispers in the community, they may be going in a different direction with ‘Agent G’… I hope Sega doesn’t piss too many fans off… My fingers and toes r crossed and my voice is in top form, I’m just patiently waiting, like all of you.

8. Many fans asked this question since the first HotD game back in 1997, what does G stand for?

If memory serves me right; I think I know… Unfortunately, I would have to be whisked into a witness protection program if I revealed my information! I whispered it to a dying friend on his death-bed… I have been looking over my shoulder ever since! (Just as a precaution, I have since installed a remote-start on my car.) Lol!

 ~ Will Sierra
Thank you all for submitting your questions to Mr. Will Sierra. Don’t forget to buy The House of the Dead Overkill Extended Cut at your local game store.

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  1. I think the “G” in agent “G” is for Gag” ….truely a fan … Good voice work 4 sure. Villianious Gay Crusader …. C.u.n.t E .Entertainment News.

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