Sad Day for the Sega Community: Sega plans to down size SOA including major laid offs

Today is a very sad day for the Sega community. Sega has plans to restructure their consumer business due to loss of money. Their focusing on digital games and create a smaller company positioned for sustained profitability. Which means some lay offs and game cancelations are involved. The statement reads as follows from Sega Sammy
“The Sega consumer business is expected to post operating loss due to the challenging economic climate and significant changes in the home video game software market environment in the US and Europe.

It is essential to streamline [our] organisation in the field of home video game software, while shifting to a structure that corresponds to a change in environment, including strengthening development in the field of digital content.

We decided to narrow down sales titles to strong IPs such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Football Manager, Total War and Aliens which are expected to continue posting solid earnings. In accordance with this, we are cancelling the development of some game software titles.

The House of the Dead 4 is safe, but there still some sad news for the fans. Assistant Community Manager, Kate Bryant aka Kate Burning has been recently laid off today. For those who don’t know, she was a new recruit as a community manager after Aaron Webber was promoted as Assistant Brand Manager for Sonic Generations and Yakuza: Dead Souls. She was also in charge of promoting the rerelease of The House of the Dead III and the long awaited 4 installment. I think she did a fantasic job promoting these two games. Wish her good luck for her future and hope that awesome opportunities come her way.

Source: SegaBits, IGN, TSSZ News

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