The House of the Dead Official Artwork

Official Artwork

Concept Artwork

Curien’s Report Artwork

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6 thoughts on “The House of the Dead Official Artwork

    • Fantastic! I do recognize a lot of these from the sega saturn manual and the pc (found a whole xeroxed copy of saturn manual on goodcowfilms, if I remember correctly) but the artwork…I thought I did hard core research!!! Simply astonished…Oh, you said you had more? Because one time on youtube I saw this AWESOME magician concept art, and I asked the person where they found it, and they replied “lolz the internet duh” >:( It was a painting, i think. Cant find the video!

  1. A Magician concept? I’ll have to look up on that, but I have a lot more from this installment. It’ll come sooner than you think. Just stay on this page ;3

    • oh, btw, I found that video with the magician art I supposedly saw. It was an image of the magician prototype action figure that was canceled. At the time I saw it, I was unaware of that project’s existence. Mystery solved!

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