The House of the Dead III

The House of the Dead III
Developer: Sega WOW Entertainment
Platforms: Arcade, Xbox, PC, Wii (2&3 Return), PS3
Release: 2003

The House of the Dead III is another light gun shooter developed by Sega WOW (formally AM1) for the Chihiro arcade hardware which has the same architectures from Microsoft’s Xbox hardware. The game departs from the first two games. Instead of using light gun pistols, players must use shotguns to do away with zombies and reload by pumping it. The branching system is different from the previous games as well. The player is given options for navigating through the game prior to the start of most stages, ultimately going through the same areas with different results dependent on the order chosen. Rescue Events replaces civilians and players must rescue each other from the grasp of the evil creatures. An extra life will be awarded to the player if they are successful of saving their partner from harm.

Arcade Story
Terrifying creepiness is afoot in House of the Dead III. Twenty years have passed since “The Curien Mansion Incident”, and the mad scientist’s inhumane experiments have continued – but the doctor is long dead,
So what tormented mind can be behind this gruesome trial? Has some twisted despot found the doctor’s research – or has the gate to Hades opened onto our world, spilling forth the seed of dark rituals?
Embark on a chiiling journey into the loathsome pit of malevolence, an industrial depot lost amid swirling desert sands. Witness the horror first hand as you go in search of a team of missing AMS agents who raided the depot two weeks prior to your assignment. A festival of gore awaits you, so grab your shotgun and head into the depths of an apocalyptic nightmare the likes of which you have never seen before.

Xbox Story
October 2019
Surviors identify the EFI Research Facility as the force behind the world collaspe. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, authorities send in former AMS agent Thomas Rogan. But mere moments into the mission, contact with Rogan is lost.
October 31, 2019
Desperate for answers, G and Lisa Rogan arrive at the EFI Research Facility in an effort to locate Thomas Rogan and his team. Beguiled by their apocalyptic surroundings, one seeks a friend while the other seeks a father. The astonishing facts, previously concealed, now propel both agents toward an unexpected confrontation, and a conclusion that will change the earth forever.


Chasing Shadows
Sensory Chaos
Ultimate Challenge
Wheel of Fate




D.B.R. Institute

EFI Genome Ward

L2 BIO Plant

L3 BIO Lab

Information Systems Dept. EAST Wing

Information Systems Dept. WEST Wing


*coming soon*

Death – Type 0011
Fool – Type 0029
Sun – Type 8830
Wheel of Fate – Type 0000



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