The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2
Developer: Sega AM1
Platforms: Arcade, Dreamcast, PC, Xbox (Unlockable in III), Wii (2&3 Return)
Release: 1998 (Arcade) 2000 (Dreamcast)

The House of the Dead 2 is a light gun shooter and the sequel to the original House of the Dead game developed by Sega AM1 for the Naomi arcade hardware. Similar to the previous players must shoot the creatures and save as many innocent people as you can. Unlike the previous game, players can now reload the gun automatically by aiming outside the screen without pulling the trigger. It also incorporates a branching path system that allows players to take a variety of different routes leading to the same point in the game’s story. The story takes place in Venice, Italy on February 26, 2000 after the Curien Mansion incident. AMS agents, James Taylor and Gary Stewart, are sent to investigate the strange events in the city and put an end to this new case. Friends… the door of fate shall open.

Arcade Story
The portal to carnage is about to open again.
“The Curien Manor Affair”… That grisly case was only a prequel to the horrors that are about to be unleashed… For now, in this city, to which traces of Gothic times still cling, a new conspiracy has begun into this mouth of hell, both James and Gary, the two special agents of the AMS, will descend. What awaits them…? And who is the mysterious figure “Goldman”…?

Dreamcast/Xbox Story
18th December, 1998 – The incident at Curien Mansion
That chilling episode was only a hint of the nightmare to come.
26th February, 2000
The world is thrown into chaos
The prelude…
A new plot unfolds in a medieval town.
Ever-expanding conspiracies and horrors…
Side by side, AMS Special Agents James and Gary are ready for action.
But what lies in store for them?
And what are the mysterious Goldman’s real intentions?

James Taylor
Gary Stewart
Amy Crystal
Harry Harris
Caleb Goldman
Thomas Rogan

Chapter 1 – A Prelude
Chapter 2 – Muddy
Chapter 3 – Darkness
Chapter 4 – Despair
Chapter 5 – Dawn
Chapter 6 – Original Sin

*coming soon*

Judgement (Zeal and Kural)


*coming soon*

Official Artwork/Concepts
The House of the Dead 2 Official Artwork

* The BGM from the second chapter “Muddy” borrows the melody from the first chapter “Tragedy” of the first HotD game.
* Both the Emperor’s intro and Zombie Revenge main theme shares the same soundtrack including both the games ending themes.
* Bruno Delinger and the president’s daughter from the Dynamite Deka series appear as cameos in the game’s “Original Mode” Both the Dynamite Deka and The House of the Dead series were created by Sega AM1.
*In the console release version, the flashbacks of the first HotD in the game’s intro were recorded using the game’s engine.
* The House of the Dead 2 is the main game in the series to have spawn numerous spinoffs such as the Typing series.

2 thoughts on “The House of the Dead 2

  1. HOTD2 is my favorite game, and I bet this is the best shooting game ever! …Of course only in my opinion, though… But I’m sure this game is quite an awesome masterpiece of SEGA! Unfortunately, I play this game only in arcade center because I don’t own this game for PC… And worst of all, I don’t have Wii either! That makes me so sad…;_;

  2. This is a good game but this is not my favourite game because of one damn thing, unresponsiveness! Whenever I shoot a zombie, it doesn’t die! I have to shoot it like 3 times for it to die! By 3 times, I mean three reloads! Don’t even get me started on HOTD 3! (It’s my favourite light gun game but come on, the mutant’s health! Unbelievable! You have to shoot for example a chubby zombie. You have to shoot it’s leg off, arm, and shoot it’s stomach! UNFRIGGINGBELIEVEABLE!)

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