Video Game Connoisser, Seàn Whitear explains why we need more Typing of the Dead

The Typing of the Dead series is one of those unique names that Sega Wow has ever created based on the popular HotD sequel, The House of the Dead 2. Video game connoiser, Seàn Whitear, gave his thoughts and explains why we need more Typing of the Dead. Why? Because it has over the top humour, it’s educational, and most of all you can kill zombies with words on your very own keyboard. Here’s a snip from his amazing article

The Typing of the Dead is a great idea. It’s as laugh-out-loud funny and ridiculous as it is educational and helpful to a player’s everyday computing life. To make things even sweeter for developer Wow Entertainment (now Sega Wow) and publisher Sega, it probably didn’t require a great deal of funds to produce, either. Typing was only released in Japanese arcades but found its way to Dreamcast and PC in other countries; there was also a sequel, Typing of the Dead II, which was based on House of the Dead III, but it never made it outside of Japan. Typing is, perhaps, an even more niche game than the series it’s spun off from but a new release distributed on the cheap via a digital distribution platform like Steam could really prove to be a cult hit amongst PC gamers.

Check out his list of reasons why we should have more Typing of the Dead for today’s digital distribution here. Since Sega is going to release more games on digital, Typing should be one of them and a port of Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX and The House of the Dead. Get on it Sega!

Source: Video Game Connoisser, Sean Whitear

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