Vampire Hunter Profile: Michel

No one knows how old the enigmatic Michel is – his steely gaze and strong demeanour betray nothing. With hand melded to gun, Michel stalks the enemy with silent determination – hunting the vampire is at the core of his identity. But while little is known of his origins, the people entrust themselves to his pledge: “The ages of vampires has come to an end! I shall banish you all to the depths of hell!”

Appearances: Vampire Night

2 thoughts on “Vampire Hunter Profile: Michel

  1. I swear as a kid these two guys used to be my favourite protagonists of any game ever.

    Which is weird as any time I walked passed the cabinet, I like ran miles away from being so scared, much like I did with HOTD 1 & 2 and Zombie Revenge.

    I was seven, what can I say, haha.

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