Vampire Hunter Profile: Albert

Like his companion Michel, Albert’s background and age are unknown. And, like his fellow hunter, Albert has a cool and collected attitude to his fear – he will not allow himself to be intimidated by the vampire hordes. Careful in thought, each of Albert’s actions is thoughtfully calculated. He too has a highly tuned sixth sense regarding the enemy: “I can feel you… I can sense you… I will grant your wish… Your wish for death!”

Appearances: Vampire Night

Vampire Hunter Profile: Michel

No one knows how old the enigmatic Michel is – his steely gaze and strong demeanour betray nothing. With hand melded to gun, Michel stalks the enemy with silent determination – hunting the vampire is at the core of his identity. But while little is known of his origins, the people entrust themselves to his pledge: “The ages of vampires has come to an end! I shall banish you all to the depths of hell!”

Appearances: Vampire Night

Guest Character Profile: Bruno Dillinger

Lieutenant Bruno Dillinger, a 42 year old man from Texas who’s a “do-it-yourself” type of guy and a SWAT member of the San Francisco police force also known as “Mr. Dynamite” is one of the main characters of AM1’s arcade series, Dynamite Deka. Well trained for a captain of the SWAT. Bruno has saved the president’s daughter, Caroline, twice and faced danger many times against Wolf Hongo’s band of terrorist, pirates, witch doctors and even asians. But is he up against zombies?

Bruno can be unlocked as a costume in The House of the Dead 2 Original mode in his Dynamite Cop attire.

Appearances: Dynamite Deka (Die-Hard Arcade), Dynamite Deka 2 (Dynamite Cop), Dynamite Deka EX: Asian Dynamite, The House of the Dead 2, Project X Zone

AMS Agent Profile: Dan Taylor

A member of Rogan’s troop. The troop members had been through extensive training and were the best of the best. But on their last mission their enemies were unidentifiable creatures and the troop was killed one by one.

A former AMS agent who entered into the EFI research facility with Thomas Rogan, this agent was with Rogan until all contact ceased.

Appearances: The House of the Dead III, The Typing of the Dead 2

AMS Criminal Record: Dr. Curien

The House of the Dead
The distinguished Dr. Curien cuts an impressive figure. He was employed for some time by DBR Corp. as research director, and is the inventor of the BioReactor system. Before his sudden transformation, he led the DBR research program aggresively, and commanded the admiration and respect of his staff, including Sophie Richards. Born of a noble family, Curien lived with his son, Daniel, in a mansion built in medieval times.

The House of the Dead III
The mastermind of the Curien mansion case incident in December 1998. Dr. Curien’s plan was stopped by two AMS agents, Rogan and G, and Dr. Curien was killed. He only appears at the recollection scenes and you can see him before he starts the mad experiments. His body, however was recovered by EFI Research Facility and ultimately becoming the Wheel of Fate nineteen years later.

Appearances: The House of the Dead, 2, III, Typing, English, Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

AMS Agent Profile: Rikiya Busujima

Rikiya Busujima

Age: 32
Height: 185cm
Weight: 68kg
Rikiya is a Japanese member of the “AMS.” He met up with the other
two whilst investigating the source of a mysterious evil. Rikiya’s
mastery of hand to hand combat is so great that he is more dangerous
with his fists than with a gun. Stick and Linda both understand
Japanese, so they can communicate together.

Appearances: Zombie Revenge

AMS Agent Profile: Stick Breitling

Stick Breitling

Age: 27
Height: 181cm
Weight: 71kg
Both of Stick’s parents were scientists, members of GOD-the team involved with the UDS project. Stick’s mother died when he was 6 and his father disappeared shortly after. He has not heard from his father since. Stick is as good with a gun as he is with hand to hand combat.

Appearances: Zombie Revenge