Review: The House of the Dead Overkill – The Lost Reels (IOS & Andriod)

The House of the Dead Overkill, a prequel to the original House of the Dead game, has lefted a good mark in the SEGA gaming community with it’s high counts of F-Bombs and grind house film style. First released on the Nintendo Wii and upgraded in HD for the the Playstation 3 system now comes the hardcore mobile game that you’ve been waiting for….. Developed by Magic Pocket games, a independent gaming studio from Paris, comes The House of the Dead Overkill: The Lost Reels! Hit the motha f***kin jump for more

                                                         Graphics & Sound

The Lost Reels has pretty great graphics for a mobile game compared to its console counterparts. In all the main console HotD games, you are given a cursor to move with your thumb with the buttons on the right to do various things. It’s nearly identical to the PS3 and Wii versions with the same exact models and textures with some new features added. Whenever you kill a mutant, you will be able to see words on the screen based on how you kill a mutant. For example, if a mutant is close to you and you kill it it means that you’ve “BLOCKED” the upcoming attack and if far away, “SNIPER” will pop up. As for the cutscenes, I loved how they’ve made the scenes in a comic book format to reenact the scenes from the console versions. Whoever drew Issac Washington performing that punch wins the internet for that. The only down side with the cutscenes are the lack of voices, I wouldn’t mind hearing a couple of F-bombs from Will Sierra and Anothny Aroya going back and forward on my phone. At least the music is still intact. Overall, it still has outstanding graphics for a mobile game.


Similiar to all House of the Dead games your objective is to kill every creature/mutant in your sight, save civilians, and defeat a boss. From the start, you can play as either AMS Agent G or Issac Washington along with Varla Guns and Candi Stryper if you purchase the DLC in Story Mode who each have their own unique abilities. There are 2 levels + DLC based on difficulty with 4 acts and a boss battle. As for controls, you can switch to virtual pad, accelerometer, and the unlockable frenzy tap which you can unlock after completing the game. Like in the original game, you can upgrade your weapons by earning Ka$H during gameplay. You can also spend your KA$H to unlock some sweet things from the gadgets which will please many old school fans of SEGA’s glory days. *HINT* A ninja and a green robot. The game’s speed feels a lot more fast paced and the developers even added bonus rooms by shooting a lighten door like the older games.

For Jiro! My ancestor!

The only complaints I have on this game is that it’s a bit shorter (I really wanted to fight against more bosses and see other characters in comic book form). There we’re a couple of couple of awesome and annoying glitches. One of the glitches had a mutant stripper spazzing out for no good reason (Is she having a goregasm?) while my score is accumating more points and yes it’s that high. Another glitch that I’ve encountered is when the enemies go through walls and attack you where you can’t shoot. I also kinda which we had an exclusive bonus story featuring another AMS agent for The Lost Reels as a playable character, Thomas Rogan anyone?



The Lost Reels has a great replay value as much as it’s console counterparts. There’s a survival mode to see how many waves you can survive, an achievement list, upgrade your weapons at max, and attempt to beat your own high score in Story Mode.

If your a House of the Dead or Zombie game fan with a IOS/Andriod device, then this game is for you. I definitely recommend checking this game out. It’s actually probably the best mobile arcade shooter game that the Apps Stores has to offer. After my experience, I would like to see a port of the older HotD games on my mobile phone.

+Great replay value
+SEGA fan service
+Character Comic Artwork Design
+Great Graphics for a mobile game
+Runs at great speed

-A couple of glitches
-Extra HotD characters from previous games with a bonus story for Lost Reels


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