Life Bonus! ~ The guide to obtain bonus items in HOTD 4

I’m out of school for 2 weeks and I’ve decided to make a guide to find as many bonus items and secret rooms to build up your score in The House of the Dead 4. Let’s begin shall we 😉

Chapter 1: Escape

After you’ve destroyed the first wave of creatures, James/Kate will look at their left. Shoot the danger panel and earn a coin. It may not appear sometimes in that one spot and may switch to the other panel in some playthroughs.

After you’ve obtain the first coin, a creature will attempt to grab you. Shake your gun and shoot to your bottom right. There should be another coin in the box container.

Before the Rubin type creatures show up in this part, shoot the danger panel on the left corner to earn a coin just in case if it doesn’t show up on the first panel.

When there are 3 waves of creatures surrounding you and the game tells you to use a grenade, don’t use it and shoot the red switch in order to take an alternate path.

Once the waves of creatures are killed off, leave at least 2 of them to save time to get a item in that box container.

Once you’ve taken the alternate path, you will encounter Zobio like creatures. Shoot the door on the left before killing them. There is a secret bonus room with 3 coins and a golden frog which will also nab you the “BONUS EXPLORER” trophy.

After getting the goodies in the bonus room, there is another danger panel with a life bonus. Be careful as a Zobio type creature will grab you. Shake him off and obtain the life bonus.

Now you have to choose a path. If you take the left path, destroy the 4 Rubin type creatures and 2 Zobio creatures should come out the slide door. Immediately shoot the danger panel the lower right and earn the top hat.

Before the cutscene where they show a HUGE amount of creatures below the building. Shoot the yellow box which contains a gold coin.

Clear off the creatures for room and shoot the yellow box to obtain a grenade bonus.

Towards the end of the chapter as you enter, shoot the danger panel on the right for a life bonus.

Afterwards, creatures should be able to come out from the slide doors. Throw a grenade on your right to enter another bonus room which contains three coins, a top hat, and a bell. Keep shooting the bell to build up the score.

Chapter 2: Lost

After killing off a group of Ebitans, you will encounter 3 frog type creatures. Behind them is a box containing a coin.

In this part, there is a secret cave.

As the group of Ebitans and Frog creatures prepare for an attack, throw the grenade to your right in order to enter the secret cave.

The cave of hope shall open.

You have an option to make a path. Choose the left one and you should be able to obtain a life bonus in either one of the boxes or barrels.

I’m not sure about this part, but there maybe a item in one of the green containers behind the Bob creatures.

Shoot this box before you encounter varies types of creatures which contains a grenade bonus.

Once you’ve encounter and destoryed them, there is a box before you climb the latter.

The box should contain a golden frog.

Before you enter the room of creatures in cages, shoot the bottom left floor to obtain items in another secret bonus room.

You can take an alternate path by shooting the lock where you encounter a swarm of Murrers.

A good scientist once said “Quick! Open the LOCK!” Once you’ve taken that path, shoot the green barrel for a life bonus.

You will encounter 3 Bob type creatures. Shoot the green barrels on your right to get a grenade bonus.

The red circle up top is the location of a coin in the box. Clear some space by shooting the yellow barrel that will destroy some creatures along the way.

Do not shoot Bob. This will be your chance to get some good head shots on these creatures to raise your score.

Your close towards the end of this chapter. You will encounter a good amount of Burners and Ebitans. This will be your chance to earn yourself the “CUT THE WIRE” trophy as long as they are on the platform.
Chapter 3: Emptiness

In the beginning of chapter 3 after destroying groups of Kageos, there are boxes as you climb the latter. Shoot quickly though as this maybe your only chance to get some bonus items.

If your unable to get it the first time, there is still hope. Shoot the boxes quickly to earn a coin before you encounter Ebitans coming from garbage disposals.

“No time to even catch my breath.” ~ Kate Green

Leave one zombie alive to give you time to earn a grenade bonus to your left in a gallon of paint.

Not done yet, there’s a golden Magician in one of those gallons to your right. Watch out for the short zombie creatures and there fierce knife attack.

During this moment of the game, a legless Kageo will pop out and drag you to a room. Do not shake your gun and let it drag you in the room. Once your in the room, kill the legless Kageo and shoot the box on your left. The box contains a golden bell.

In that same room, you will encounter a group of Kageos. Shoot the box on your right to obtain a coin.

After you’ve dealt with the barrel throwing zombies. Shoot the gallon of paint here to obtain a life bonus.

Shoot the control box to your right as you destroy the bats in your way.

The room should light up. Before you can get the goodies in the room, you must elimate the swarm of Kageos.

When selecting a branch, choose the left route. Down stairs on the far left is a trash bin containing a silver coin.

On the second part of the train, there are three containers containing a top hat.

To destroy the doors of the cul-de-sac next to the vehicle. Directly aimed at the door and earn the grenade bonus.

When your surrounded by Johnny and Sam type zombies, shoot the box behind them for a life bonus.
Chapter 4: Despair

At the start of chapter 4, shoot the Johnny creatures and the container with a golden frog inside on your right. It’s best to get it once you pass the door when upcoming creatures come from behind it.

As you can see from here.

After the cutscene where the sandman looking creatures throw a plastic model out the window, there is a red box under one of them which contains a coin.

Shoot the sandman like creatures to prevent it from closing the shutter for there are a few red boxes. Kill off the remaining wave of creatures and shoot the boxes for a grenade bonus.

Once you’ve entered the room, shoot the left side where the blue is circled around asap. Doing that will activate a secret room containing three coins and a grenade bonus.

A life bonus should show up in this part when the creatures crash through the windows.

Once your outside in the ruins of Venice, shoot the box uptop that contains a golden Magician. Keep your aim steady, that little thing is a bit fast lol.

After earning that golden Magician and destroying the lab coat zombies. There is a next wave of them coming for you. Immediately shoot the green oil drum that contains a bus. Keep shooting it down and earn yourself a huge score along with the “SHOOT THE BUS” trophy.

As the Temperance chases you through the ditch. You will see a green oil drum that my contain either a top hat or coin.

Cancel Temperance second attack for the next portion of the chase and then you should be able to find another oil drum containing a coin.

Once your inside the second story of the tower before Temperance crashes in, shoot one of the containers for a golden bell. Location varies in some playthroughs.

Once your in the third story before you finish off Temperance for good, shoot

Chapter 5: Reunion

There is a barrel near a couple of AMS and regular zombies as you drive. Shoot at your right to obtain a golden frog.

As a group of AMS and horde of creatures come after you in your car. Shoot this red barrel to earn yourself a grenade bonus.

After the grenade bonus, you will encounter sandman type creatures. Shoot the red barrel on your left for a life bonus.

This maybe tricky to get. As you drive off before entering the drive through quickly shoot the red barrel circled as above to earn a golden Magician.

After you shook off the car from making you crash, you can see 2 coins, a top hat and life bonus. Aim percisley.
Chapter 6: Hope

As you enter and eliminated the Franklin 2.0 creatures in Goldman’s new decorated room. One of these boxes contains a life bonus. Don’t forget to shoot the dragon’s mouth on the floor to enter a secret room.


You just hit the mother load.

As for the very last room. You must not lose a single credit in order to enter this room before entering Goldman’s office.

I hope this guide helps out a lot of HOTD 4 players.

Source: Girl Doll HOTD 4 page & Minzeliang

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  1. There is another Grenade Bonus on the left path of Chapter 1, when you are going down the stairs towards the last horde there is a grenade in the yellow box and the side of the door. This is the same grenade in the right path.

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