Dr. Curien

Dr. Roy Curien

Height: 185 cm
Weight: 85kg
Hair: Blonde & Gray
Eye: green and blue
Sex: Male
Age: 48
D.O.B 6/11/1947
Affiliation: DBR Corporation

The House of the Dead
The distinguished Dr. Curien cuts an impressive figure. He was employed for some time by DBR Corp. as research director, and is the inventor of the BioReactor system. Before his sudden transformation, he led the DBR research program aggresively, and commanded the admiration and respect of his staff, including Sophie Richards. Born of a noble family, Curien lived with his son, Daniel, in a mansion built in medieval times.

The House of the Dead III
The mastermind of the Curien Mansion case incident in December 1998. Dr. Curien’s plan was stopped by two AMS agents, Rogan and G, and Dr. Curien was killed. He only appears at the recollection scenes and you can see him before he starts the mad experiments. His body, however was recovered by EFI Research Facility and ultimately becoming the Wheel of Fate nineteen years later.


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