Taste of the Flesh: Menu of the Day Part 3

For the menu of today we introduce to you the lovely damsel in distress, Sophie Richards.

Richards Blush Petite

“Fresh, young and clean – begs to be drunk! The charming aroma beggars description: layers of jammy platelets, lymph, venous gore beta globulin, and a round, uncontrived plummy afterglow. The flavor more than lives up to the promise of the nose; lush, seductive and supple. Perhaps a trifle blowsy, but not over-rich. a corpuscular, smooth mouthfeel leaves the tongue aching for more. this may be the perfect libation for the holiday feasting season. Very highly recommended indeed!”

Appearance: 5/5

Nose: 24/25

Flavor: 29/30

Complexity: 9/10

Balance: 10/10

Finish: 14/15

Overall Impression: 5/5

Total Evaluation: 96/100


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