The House of the Dead 2 ranked on the 28th spot in Game Informer’s Top 30 Co-Op Games of All Time.

Sorry for the late update with school going on and stuff. In this month’s latest issue of Game Informer “The Co-Op Issue”, Gameinformer ranks The House of the Dead 2 #28 of the top 30 Co-Op Games of All Time. As a fan of the House of the Dead series, I am happy to see that the game has received this spot. Why wouldn’t The House of the Dead 2 be listed as of the top co-op games of all time. My reasons are

– Fast paced arcade gameplay
– Shooting zombies and everything around you
– Humorous voice acting
– One of the Dreamcasts best selling games
– Bringing a friend to enjoy a game with you
– Goldman & his gnome theory

Here’s what Game Informer has to say about the game.

“On-rails light-gun shooters have been a staple of the arcade. Teaming up with a partner in The House of the Dead 2 was like going to the firing range, except without the need to wear those gigantic noise-dampening earmuffs. Even our Mortal Kombat childhoods, The House of the Dead 2 still delivered a startlingly violent cooperative tour through a monster-ravaged Venice. One gun simply wasn’t enough.”

Makes me want to go to Dave & Busters again and play some HOTD2.

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