The Fourth Chapter ~ Despair


“Everything’s set. All we need to do is wait…”

Apparently something happened to Amy and Harry who separated along the way. Go through the spooky dark underpass with prisons and basements and hurry to the Coliseum!


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Boss: Strength Type-205

“STRENGTH” is a huge zombie that wields a huge chainsaw. The weak point of “STRENGTH” is the head, but it is hard to hit because it is shot with a chainsaw.


There are three types of attack patterns.

[1] The chainsaw cutting
“STRENGTH” rushes at a tremendous momentum and
cuts with a chainsaw .
The only way to stop him is to fire at the head.

Continue to aim to hit this ,
You got to attack so that it prevents the creature to not attack with the chainsaw as much as possible.

[2] Throwing
“STRENGTH” will throw a hatchet that has been driven into his body.
Shoot the hatchet flying in an arc, then aim at the head.

[3] Jump cut
“STRENGTH” jumps from the top of the wall.
There is a chance to shoot your head just before landing, but be
careful because the timing is severe .
From the moment you jump off, the
the point is to fire around the jaw .

Occasionally, a chain saw is raised and is threatening, but there are
plenty of opportunities. Shoot bullets into your head without mercy.

The route is divided into the east side and the west side of the Coliseum, but the basic strategy is the same. You can also shoot “STRENGTH” body and gradually reduce his health bar, but you can’t stop the momentum, so you should continue to aim at the head.

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