Greatest House of the Dead Moment Ever

Ever since I’ve played Overkill when it was released back in 2009 and the Extended Cut that came out last Halloween, I laughed my butt off through out the whole playthrough, particularly this scene. Where the newcomer Issac Washington is cussing his ass off being stranded out of no where while Papa Caesar is getting away, until G shows up with a new ride “The Ice Cream Truck”.

I must say this is by far the most funniest cutscene I have ever seen in a video game. G explains to Washington how a man can have his choice of music in his own automobile while Issac disagrees calling a ice cream truck an automobile. G then tries to discusses about music on the road while the outside is passing by, but Washington doesn’t share his personal taste in music before trusting that person and complains about sitting in the passager seat which he hasn’t done since he was a kid. Washigton just tells him to play his “f***ing music” and that’s when this situation turns funny.

We now know that our mysteries AMS agent that has appeared in almost every single HotD game out there, love himself some country music. That’s when Issac goes “WTF!” Issac then mocks G about his taste of music and gets in a argument with G. G is just trying to start a “conver-mothaf***in’-sation” and gives up and drive. Issac asks him can he drive as G responds with a “no!” following another question if he can have a lollipop with G saying “yes!” Issac then inserts his funky music.

Headstrong Games outdid themselves with Overkill. Hopefully they’ll work on a sequel with both characters along with Rogan or James Taylor.

Speaking of ice cream trucks, G and Washigton could have been good canidiates for Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing, but that’ll be too much for the kiddies. Glad that they add Zobio and Zobiko in their place.

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