Fans of the Dead: Farewell by Tom Waterhouse

Found this work of art while searching on Google. This beautiful and gritty artwork was done by Tom Waterhouse aka 2D Forever. This short comic strip is based on the bad ending in the first House of the Dead game if you performed poorly. Here’s his description.

“This is the anti-climatic ending to the original “the House of the Dead” –still my favourite in the series. After slaying a few hundred zombies and stopping the evil scientist, Curien, this is what you get for your efforts… I love it. It just smacks you in the face –your game is done, but poor Rogan (the protaganist you’ve been playing as) has nothing anymore. There were multiple endings, but all began with the same bleak outlook for Rogan. If you’re really unlucky, you get an additional part to the ending where you see Rogan’s fiancée, Sophie, as a zombie. That really freaked me out the first time I saw that one…

Anyway, this was a quick tribute to what I think is a great and simple ending. I wanted to see if I could get the story across effectively in comic form. I think it works ok, what do you think?”

Planning to fit the story in comic form? Yes, do that please!

Check out more of his art @ and follow him on Twitter.

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