Fans of the Dead: TheDeath’s HOTD Collection

One of our forum members, TheDeath, posted his entire House of the Dead Collection within the forums. I must say that this is the greatest collection I have ever seen in my entire life. He even has some rare HOTD merchandises from different countries. One of them happens to be a House of the Dead manga (which is one of the items I’ve been searching for the past year now). Check out his amazing collection.

Now that’s a true HotD fan right there! For more pictures, check them out on our forums.

Deadly City Survival: It plays like The House of the Dead

If you like flash games and Sega’s The House of the Dead series, then Deadly City Survival is your type of game. It’s flash-based arcade survival horror shooter with a gritty setting similar to The House of the Dead 2 with the same gameplay features. Playing this game will feel like your playing an actual HOTD. The game also has a branching path system as well for you to choose your own path similar to The House of the Dead 3 & 4. I will provide a link to the game here for you guys to try the game out yourselves and share your thoughts on it.


Fans of the Dead: The House of the Dead Climax Edition

You know when you buy a arcade machine for places like GameWorks and Dave and Busters. There’s always a manual with it on how to play the game. But the real deal is…. what if Sega made a crossover game with Bayonetta and The House of the Dead. In Japanese terms, Bayonetta X The House of the Dead. An anonymous SegaBits member made an awesome instruction manual on how to play The House of the Dead: Climax Edition.
Player 1 plays the left gun and right gun
Player 2 plays the left leg and right leg
Whoever drew this needs to be hired at Sega. This concept is amazing for a spinoff game. Check it out!

Source: SegaBits

Fans of the Dead: Aellise HOTD artwork

If you stopped by the Sonic the Comic Online website, you may have seen this art style before on their take on The House of the Dead web comic series. The artwork was done by Aellise, who is also the illustrator of the web comic series. She’s a huge fan of the House of the Dead series and you can tell how hard she put effort on her beautiful art pieces of the first game in the series. I must say, she has a unique art style on each of these pieces. Check them out.

By Aellise @ Deviantart



Tunes of the Dead: I Have A Dreamcast: Venice is Dying by Grey Milk

Back in 2009, a group of fans called “I Have a Dreamcast” created a soundtrack dedicated to many Sega games that were released on the Dreamcast and performed live on stream. This song tells a story of two friends playing a game of The House of the Dead 2 describing what’s going on as they play through it such as zombies wrecking havoc in Venice, The Tower boss, and even shooting a kid. If you played The House of the Dead 2 back in 1999 on your Dreamcast, nostalgia will hit you harder than the Magician. Tell me what you think of the song?

Source: Barry the Nomad

Fans of the Dead: Gallery of Kate Green

Kate Green, the newest AMS recruit and one tough lady when she’s behind the wheel. The House of the Dead 4 is a few days away from release. You all may know who Kate Green is when she was introduced in the HOD series back in 2005. In this edition of FotD, fans of HOD 4 shows some love for this sassy wise cracking AMS agent.

Kate: Your paying for my dry cleaning once we’re out of here.