Taste of the Flesh: Menu of the Day Part 1

Hello everyone, today I wanted to show what’s on the menu for today. If you guys ever own a copwoy The House of the Dead for the Sega Saturn, you probably know where this is going. Each day, I will post the menu of the day of all three characters. Our two favorite AMS agents, Rogan and G and the lovely Sophie Richards. Today we’ll start off with Thomas Rogan.

Chateau Rogan No. 9

“This big jug red greets you at uncorking with firm attack – fleshy and full of extract. Plenty of body, with overtones of hemoglobin and rich plasma robustness, but never lumpy or clotted. Its challenging nose is bold and sanguinary, with an aggressive character that demands your full attention. A long, extraordinary ‘serumy’ finish completes the overall effect, making this a must-drink for connoisseur and neophyte alike. Serve with fava beans.”

Appearance: 4/5

Nose: 22/25

Flavor: 27/30

Complexity: 8/10

Balance: 8/10

Finish: 14/15

Overall Impression: 4/5

Total Evaluation: 87/100


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