The House of the Dead: Boss Files

I must complement you. I didn’t think you could make it this far. However, this is it. Let’s see how good you really are! ~ Dr. Curien


Type: 27
AMS Report: Originally designed to act as Dr. Curien’s personal bodyguard, the creature know as Chariot is an unstoppable powerhouse. Chemically treated skin has been enhanced with high tensile steel, acting as an impenetrable armored shell. Chariot’s speed and strength are devastating when combined with his razor-sharp battle staff.
Weakness: The Chest

AMS Report: Dr. Curien’s imaginative use of the Bioreactor seems to know no bounds. The Hangedman is thought to be a unique bat/human hybrid as evidence by its wingspan, nocturnal dwelling and hyper sonic navigational abilites. AMS Intelligence Division have observed the Hangedman during night flights and noted a “cloud of vampire bats” shrouding this monster.
Weakness: It’s body

Type: 6803
AMS Report: While the mansion’s surface dwelling creatures are lethal enough, the building’s extensive sewer system hides this evil arachnid. The Hermit was one of Dr. Curien’s first successful experiments and as such has been allowed to survive by acting as the guardian to the company’s inner laboratory. A toughened shell and lethal venom coupled with the creature’s surprising speed make this abomination a Class One threat.
Weakness: The Head

Type: 0
AMS Report: Before sealing himself in the mansion’s inner lab, Dr. Curien hinted at his “ultimate creation”, a creature that would take humanity to the next evolutionary level. Little is known about the Magician’s ablities, speed or size but past experiments should give agents some idea of the threat they face. Dr. Curien’s legacy must follow him to the grave!
Weakness: Unknown

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