The Four Mythical Beasts: SEGA Golden Gun Boss Files

“Strike down the ancient demons reborn with the power of the Golden Gun. The evil bosses await you!”

Zhang Jiao from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”
“Once again, I have the oppurtunity to revitalize Tao of Peace”
Zhang Jiao was the leader of the Yellow Turban rebels during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was said to be a follower of Taoism and a sorcerer.
Weakness: The head

Gao Qin from “Water Margin”
“Why not try the power of Fotwar yourself!”
Gao Qin was a close advisor to emperors during the Qin Dynasty of China. Considered as one of the most corrupt, villainous, violent and powerful eunuchs in Chinese history, Gao played an instrumental role in the downfall of the Qin Dynasty.
Weakness: *Coming soon*

Da Ji from “Fengshen Yanyi”
“Well now my lovely babies, you look delicious enough to eat.”
Da Ji was a favorite concubine of King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China. She is a classic example of how a beauty causes the downfall of an empire/dynasty in Chinese culture. She is portrayed as a girl possessed by an evil fox spirit in the Chinese novel Fengshen Yanyi.
Weakness: *Coming soon*

??? (Monkey King) from “Journey to the West”
“Show me what you got!”
In Journey to the West, The Monkey King is a monkey born from a stone who acquires supernatural powers through Taoist practices. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain by the Buddha, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to retrive Buddhist sutras from India. He helps our heroes by testing their strength to prepare their battle against the undead creatures in bonus rounds.
Weakness: The body

The House of the Dead: Boss Files

I must complement you. I didn’t think you could make it this far. However, this is it. Let’s see how good you really are! ~ Dr. Curien


Type: 27
AMS Report: Originally designed to act as Dr. Curien’s personal bodyguard, the creature know as Chariot is an unstoppable powerhouse. Chemically treated skin has been enhanced with high tensile steel, acting as an impenetrable armored shell. Chariot’s speed and strength are devastating when combined with his razor-sharp battle staff. Continue reading

Creatures Files: The House of the Dead 2

Can’t you see. Man committed a sin. Distrubing the life cycle of nature. The original sin that man is responsible to protect the life cycle! ~ Caleb Goldman

David: David is a basic Zombie seen in the first stage. He is highly adaptable, thriving in all environments. His special attack is with his sharp teeth. HP:100

Steve:Andrew looks very similar to David, differentiating by wearing red shorts and a shirt. He attacks the player with his arms. HP:110

Johnny:Johnny is a tough Zombie to deal with, as he loves to rush at his prey hiding his vulnerable face behind two axes. When he’s not descending on you with terrifying speed, he will throw his axes with lethal accuracy from a safe distance. Be warned! The Zombie’s name alludes to the famous”Here’s Johnny!” line from The Shining. Ironically, Johnny wields two axes, which is the same weapon Jack Torrance used to stalk his family (although in the film its a single one).HP:140

Cecil: Cecil attacks the player by throwing two axes, usually from faraway distances, such as windows. HP:100

Max:You’ll know Max when you see him. He’s the Zombie crazily swinging two chainsaws about. He’s also the biggest of all zombies. He moves quite fast at times and may swing his chainsaws in front of his head, making a headshot more difficult. HP:250

Bob:Despite being big and fat, this hippo-sized Zombie can move fast. Bob’s principal form of attack is a drop kick. He also throws barrels and oil drums. HP:220

Ebitan: Ebitan is a revolting and perpetually rotting Zombie. Accordingly, his resilience is lower than other monsters. Ebitan resides in the water, suddenly leaping from the murky depths to attack his prey. His main method of attack is to bite his prey. He comes in three variants in different colors: a green regular one (HP:90), a black one with a better resilience (HP:180), and a brown one that jumps at you out of the water without warning. (HP:1)

Kageo: Kageo is a mummified Zombie, who prowls the darkest, most dreadful areas. He may look weak, but watch out for his fierce punch. HP:90

Kageo J: Kageo J is exactly the same as Kageo, but instead of being pale in color it is a dark green and has one eyeball. HP:60

Ken: Ken was modeled after Kageo. He wears an iron mask and is armed with vicious clawed gloves. His face is his most vulnerable part, but as it is covered, it makes Ken an extremely troublesome Zombie to stop. Like Kageo, Ken also lurks in dark corners. Ken attacks with his lethal claws. HP:150

Randy: Randy is a small, mask-wearing Zombie. Don’t be fooled by his lack of stature because Randy is a vicious little monster who can run along walls and ceilings as easily as on floors, while his mask makes getting headshots nearly impossible. Randy often roams with a friend. His preferred method of attack is a leaping death scratch. HP:150

Mickey: Mickey is a small ninja Zombie who wields knives in both hands. His method of attack is to leap down at his target from roof tops and other high places. Even if Mickey throws both knives at you, there’s no time to relax. He can produce an unlimited supply of knives from his hips. Since Mickey has a tendency to move around a lot and can guard a bit with his knives, it’s best if he’s killed before he moves too far away from you, making him harder to hit while he can still hit you with ease. HP:130

Ryan: A bandaged Zombie in a brown-red vest who throws two golden shuttel-like blades at once at you. HP:150

Keith: Keith is an alligator-like Zombie that lurks underground. He’ll crawl towards the player and attack with his tail. HP:140

Gregory: Gregory is a bit of a show-off and there is nothing he likes to do more before finishing off his victims than to flourish his giant sword. You will find it hard to aim your gun at Gregory, because he uses his sword to defend as skillfully as he does to maim. HP:220

Ricky: A muscular Zombie with exposed muscles and brain,he is also seen driving a car suggesting that he has inteligence. HP:130

Patrick: Another muscular Zombie with an orange military beret. HP:150

Peter: Peter is infested with giant parasitic worms and is relatively weak. He puts his worms to horrifyingly effective use though, for when his chest is wounded, the parasites will leave Peter’s ribcage and leap at his attacker. Peter can also pack a mean punch. To avoid having him sending a worm your way, avoid hitting his chest and aim for his head. If his chest is hit, he’ll stop and waver around before the worm jumps out “chestbuster style”, killing himself in the process. HP:100

Lance: Present only in the fifth and final stage and similar to Mickey, Lance likes to crawl on walls and ceilings, throwing crescent energy blades at you. They have the ability to appear out of nowhere as well and teleport, making them difficult to hit. HP:130

Franklin: Present only in the final stage, these robotic Zombies can appear out of nowhere and walk through walls to confront you with a punch. Like Lance and Eric, his body parts cannot be blown off, meaning he’ll be ready to strike no matter what. HP:150

Eric: Present only in the final stage, Eric is armed with dual pulse sabers for hands to attack you with. Though he doesn’t share any ghosting abilities like his robotic brethren, he can take a considerable amount of hits before going down. HP:230

Murrer: Murrer is a snake-like Zombie, who often infests areas in hoards. Murrer attacks by flying at its victims and gouging at their faces with its myriad teeth. HP:1

Moowl:An owl-like Zombie that attacks the player from the air. HP:1

Buyo:A small parasite Zombie similar to Murrer. They can be found in the clock tower and had also infested themselves in larger Zombies. HP:1

Devilon: A quick bat-like Zombie that will usually attack in groups. HP:1

Bouere: A frog-like Zombie that attacks the player by hopping at him or her. HP:1

Mofish: A fish Zombie that closely resembles a piranha. Seen with Hierophant and various other levels with water. Attacks by swimming at the player and biting. HP:1

Creature Files: The House of the Dead

Curien’s mad experiements are on the loose throughout the entire mansion grounds that you will encounter in the first game of the series. Not only they are created to kill, they also have names as well.

“Yes!… these are the kinds of breakthrough results that are possible when experiments are carried out scientifically, without undue mushy sentiment for the human test subjects or other ridiculous ethical qualms…” (journal entry) ~ Dr. Curien

Sam (TYPE A-1)
The most orthodox zombie. You will encounter him at various locations.
Well in a group because they are infested, and if you let your guard down, may also be enclosed. Their appearance is not only one type. The main method of attack is to bite.
Curien’s Notes: The Sam series is where it all got started. The rotting-zombie stagger, the dangling intestines, the lovely cyanotic blue – in some way I consider it to be my masterpiece. That’s why I made so many of them. I’ve given them free run of the DBR grounds, and am sure they’ll greet you with great hospitality in the best Curien tradition.

Nail (TYPE A-2)
His damage pattern is as same as Sam, but he can move more quickly. He is often suddenly appear from the shadows. In many cases, he strike while rush, or bite you. You will see him at every stage except the final stage.

Cyril (TYPE A-3)
His weapon is the hatchets of two in both hands. His damage pattern is as same as Sam. He strikes with a hatchet or throws it from a distance. You can shot it down. He goes away after throwing own hatchets.

Kageo (TYPE B-1)
Zombie whom the skin has mummified. The character design is modeled on a Japanese. Main method of attack is to bite or strike. He beat on the left hand or right hand or both hands.(at random) His motion is slow.
Curien’s Notes: After my experience with those gloppy Ebitans, I decided to try out something a little drier for a change. So I cooked up this Kageo series, loosely based on a Japanese model I ran across in a trade journal. They seem to favor humid spots, to keep from drying out, and they like to attack by biting. But then, who among us doesn’t?

Bourbon (TYPE B-2)
He looks green because his whole body is wrapped in moss. He is often suddenly emerge from behind a pillar. Dank place is liked by them. His stamina is more than Kageo. The main method of attack is strike with both hands. In some cases, it’s better for you to shot the hand than the head.

Ebitan a (TYPE B-3)
His whole body is corrupt, the skin is sore. He can live in water. Therefore the advance of corruption of his body is early. Main method of attack is to bite. He rush to the player, or jump from the water.
Curien’s Notes: I don’t know exactly what happened here – I was really just puttering around the lab, seeing what I could come up with, and the Ebitan series is the result. I like to consider it a learning experience, not a mistake. Granted, they’re hideously ugly and they melt – but they have some flaws as well. For one thing, I can’t keep them out of the swimming pool.

Ebitan b (TYPE B-4)
He lost the lower half of the body because his body is rotten than Ebitan_a. He is hanging on the ceiling of the passage. Or slash you with a knife from above. He has the ability to defend own face from your attack with a knife.

Robert (TYPE D-4)
Zombie like Simon. But his left side of body is covered with iron armor that repel bullet. Because also half of the head is protected by iron, it is difficult to aim at the head. You can’t damage parts that are protected. The main method of attack is strike.

Simon (TYPE D-1)
Zombie who has high durability because made from trained body. His feature is the bare muscles. Maybe he destroyed the furnitures of Curien Mansion. Main method of attack is strike.
Curien’s Notes: Hey kids – now you can make your own Simon series zombie at home! PUREE 280 lbs. of canned ham, 4 quarts of recombinant DNA and a pinch of Doc Curien’s ™ animating powder. JOLT with 2.5, gigawatts to a gluey consistency. COOL in a mold, 6-8 hours, until gelled. GARNISH with teeth and fingernails to taste.

Gilmore (TYPE D-2)
Zombie with a mighty hammer. He is atrociously, and his physical strength is quite high. Hammer is always thrown from his right-hand side by both hands. You should aim at his hand or head.

Harris (TYPE D-3)
Human type zombie with an iron ball in one hand. He swinging an iron ball and hurls it. You can’t shoot down thrown iron ball. That is , if you can’t attack before he throw the ball, you must damage. He will rush to you after throwing the ball.

Samson (TYPE C-1)
Chainsaw-wielding zombie. He has the highest strength. His right hand does not damage. Therefore you can’t shoot his right hand to fend off an attack using a chainsaw. It may be desirable shoot the head.

Bentley (TYPE C-2)
Fat zombie very similar to Samson. Attack patterns are rushing to player, throwing a barrel, or throwing a drum. (After throwing a barrel or drum, he rush.) You have to fire high because he is the rush type and has a high strength.

Burner (TYPE C-3)
An improved version of Samson. He has a flamethrower. The main attack is to slash you with flame like a sword. His right hand does not damage as same as Samson. Therefore it’s better to aim for the head. He appears only in the third stage.

Rubin (TYPE E-1)
Zombie armed with iron nails in his hands. He can move quickly because he is smaller than other human type zombies. He scratches you on iron claws after he rolls the forward or backward. In many cases, he appears along with Drake. The moment of landing is a good chance to aim his head.

Drake (TYPE E-2)
He throws small knives. His looks is very similar to Rubin, and appears along with Rubin. Knives is in his hands. You can shoot thrown knife down. When he lost both knives, hurl himself at you.

Moody (TYPE E-3)
He throws iron nails with right hand. He looks like a cyborg rather than a zombie. Motion pattern is similar to Rubin or Drake, but he has many attack pattern.(climb wall and throw his weapon. etc…) You can shoot down thrown weapon.

Parlor (TYPE E-4)
His stamina is lower than Moody, but the volume per one shot that you can work damage on him is limited. So it may difficult for you to kill him. Main attack pattern is to throw knives that is similar to Drake’s attack. But his weapons are the laser knives. He can throw it infinitely. Basically, two the enemies appear at the same time. Position of thrown knife is higher than Moody’s.

Kenfis (TYPE F-1)
This zombie looks like a dog with wings, but can’t fly. Main attack pattern is to bite. It is difficult to take aim because he approaches while bouncing from side to side. They have several different body color or stamina. The stamina data is the average value.

Saruzou (TYPE F-2)
This zombie was made from a improved macaque (Japanese monkey). He approaches while jumping and turning to scratch you. You will be at the mercy of his diverse and fast motion. They have several different body color or stamina as same as Kenfis. The stamina data is the average value.

Devilon (TYPE F-4)
This zombie was made from a bat. He is usually hanging from the ceiling. And if he found human beings, pounce on them. Main attack pattern is to rush. His attack will raging in the boss battle of the second stage.

Bueel (TYPE F-3)
This zombie was made from a giant frog. Therefore it inhabits only watersides. It will pounce on you to bite. You should be careful when you are in waterside because it may appear suddenly from the water.

Murrer (TYPE G-1)
Snake-like Zombie. Do you think it’s a caterpillar? No, it’s a snake. It will meander, and suddenly pounce you. In many cases, you will see more than two them in one scene.(from 2 to 5) Its head is lost when you shot it.

Name (TYPE G-2)
This zombie was made from a slug. Main attack pattern is to spring at you after coming close. In another case, it spits mucus while clinging to a wall. It exists only in the first stage.

Thalang (TYPE G-3)
This zombie was made from a spider. It likes the smell of blood and machine oil. It will bang into you full force from any location, such as floor or ceiling. You will struggle to shoot it because it often move to the edge of the screen.

Special Thanks to Japanese HOTD fan 104_100111 for the tranlastion.