Development of The House of the Dead Part 2: Monsters & Scenes

We are back with another article with Part 2 covering the behind the scenes development of the original House of the Dead game, developed by AM1 for the SEGA MODEL 2 Board. In Part 2, the article will cover the concepts of the monsters and scenes from the game. Hit the jump for more.

What was the design of the concept gradually?
Although it is a work planned as being a horror thing, the first planning setting picture is exactly what it is in a state. Various enemies ranging from zombies to monsters were set up. As the game’s outline grew slowly, their appearance also got limited. The current enemies and monsters are produced by Dr. Curien.

Attention to the modeling diagram of the pavilion that was assembled finely.
That excellent production is based on the story depicted below. The pavilion and the background which becomes the stand are drawn, and the image is modeled. It is also paying attention to the dense drawing of the mansion.

Tune in next week as we cover the gun design and the unused “Reflection System” concept!

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