Development of The House of the Dead Part 3: Gun and Reflection System

In this weeks article, we will be covering the gun design for The House of the Dead and the unused “Reflection System” concept from Taguchi-san which could have been reused for The House of the Dead 4 SPECIAL attraction ride. Hit the jump for more details.


A dedicated blow-back gun is available in the location test
Although the gun that is about the current enclosure is a conventional virtual gun, it seems that the gun attached to the enclosure at the time of the location test of this work was the original blow back gun. Moreover, it is said that a full-scale reaction using compressed air comes instead of electric one. It is regrettable that it was not commercialized just as the design was completed well as shown below. The emblem on the slide is nice.
It was such a short barrel gun, “Because I wanted to shorten the barrel and set the gun at the beginning, I wanted to make it somewhat futuristic like.” At one time this gun was a laser gun. There is a gun of Logan by the way. It has the same form as that of G, but the material of the grip is different. ~ Mr. Taguchi.

A plan

If you have been adopted the first screen gun shooting in the industry!? 2
The rough illustration on the right was the most masterpiece and different color that was released this time. In the form of pinching players in the center, preparing one monitor in front and behind, the player draws the idea that it must also cope with the enemy’s attack from the back, naming it “Reflection system”. Unfortunately there was never actually adopted, but if it was adopted, in a sense it seems to have become a work of the ultimate system as a gun shooting. Whether it will be adopted after the next work is undecided. Aim for all direction attack type gun shooting (laugh). Even so, the designer who painted this is also concerned about whether I thought about this seriously or whether I drew a joke. ~ Mr. Taguchi.

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