Events of the Horror lies here ~ The Official House of the Dead Timeline

Year 1991
Years ago during the cold war, the military made a new superhuman formula called Formula X. The project for its use failed. The bunker for the experiments was left unaccessed until now.

In 1991, AMS Special Agent G is given his first assignment and sent to a small town in Louisiana to investigate a series of disappearances and hunt down a deranged crime lord, Papa Caesar. Due to the presence of mutants, G is forced to team up with Detective Isaac Washington who is out to get revenge on Caesar for apparently killing his father. Originally thought to be Caesar who was behind the mutant outbreak, it was none other the prison warden, Clement Darling. G and Issac Washington put an end to Clement’s crime by self-destructing the compound. But, is this the end of the chaos?

December 18, 1998

The Curien Mansion incident… no one could imagine the true horrors contained within the original “House Of The Dead.” Motivated by madness, Dr. Curien nearly succeeded in bringing chaos to the world. But in the end, it was Dr. Curien himself who lost his life at the hands of his own scientific masterpiece: “Type 0 Magician.” This incident was brought to a close through the diligent work of AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G.

February 20, 2000
Strange events and violent rioting compel AMS agents to return to action in a town of terrorized citizens. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious figure named Goldman steps forward to take responsibility. Due to obvious similarities with the original “House Of The Dead” case, AMS agents James and Gary are dispatched to put an end to the madness, and they seem to succeed…
One day in 2002
Breaking news: “Bizarre occurrences are taking place within countries throughout the world. The national government is taking action to funnel all available resources to the task of discovering the cause of these occurrences and the origin of the evil creatures…”


Plummeting toward collapse, the world teeters on the edge of oblivion. Horrific phenomenons are now taking place everywhere bring disorder and chaos as paranoid citizens fight for the means to survive. It isn’t long before this chain of events has succeeded in bringing the world to its knees by AMS agents James, G and a new comer Kate Green… 

October 2019

Survivors identify the EFI Research Facility as the force behind the world collapse. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, authorities send in former AMS agent Thomas Rogan. But mere moments into the mission, contact with Rogan is lost.

October 31, 2019

Desperate for answers, G and Lisa Rogan arrive at the EFI Research Facility in an effort to locate Thomas Rogan and his team. Beguiled by their apocalyptic surroundings, one seeks a friend while the other seeks a father. The astonishing facts, previously concealed, now propel both agents toward an unexpected confrontation, and a conclusion that will change the earth forever.