The House of the Dead “Wilder than Heaven” Manga

One of our House of the Dead community members and collector, DrDeath, was able to share one of his awesome and very rare House of the Dead collection to us and we are happy to upload another House of the Dead manga straight from Japan titled “Wilder than Heaven” mixed with parodies based on the events of the first game. Hit the Jump to view more of the scans. Continue reading

House of the Dead: Promotional Movie Prequel Comic

Comic written & drawn by Eli 5 Stone. I’ve found a couple of these rare comics on Ebay based on the dreaded movie and bought them for the site. This book is the prequel to Uwe Boll’s ill fated film based on our favorite Sega franchise, The House of the Dead. Here’s the entire comic for your viewing pleasure. *Warning, it’s very short*

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