The House of the Dead: Sub Story

This is a roughly translated version of The Sub Story to the original House of the Dead roughly from the Japanese Sega Saturn Perfect Guide. Illustrations done by Lisa Lee.

Below are excerpts from Thomas Rogan’s note.

[Study of Dr. Curien]
Dr. Curien was trying to gain the power of God. A quarter century ago, humanity had already begun to regenerate material, that is, to make perfect copies. He also scientifically mutated and created forbidden “life” and planned to put “life” on Coby itself. And based on that copy that “the life” lived in, he was trying to create a living being. It was his study that was pushing like crazy in DBR corp.This plan was being carried out secretly by Dr. Curien, but excessive research is known to the government, DBRcorp. Suddenly had been dismissed.
[Purpose of Research]
After the director’s dismissal, Dr. Curien was secretly studying in his hall to create creatures. It was also around the time when his son, Daniel Curien, died of an unknown disease. Sudden by the director’s dismissal and son’s death, Dr. Curien begims to have strong distrust of humans. The purpose of the research was to develop an organism that could stand above man for the sake of human hatred and resurrection.
[Living organisms to above humans]
The creature Dr. Curien is trying to create. Human beings have been the at the top of the food chain for a long time, but he was also trying to create a creature to be above human beings. Of course it was for hatred and revenge against humans. In addition, it was a creature called Type 00 “Magician” that became the first creature to stand above the unfinished organisms. Dr. Curien made it possible to command the “Magician” at his own discretion, but it seems that the program was secretly changed by a mysterious man.
[Mysterious Man]
The mysterious man who appeared in front of Dr. Curien after the director’s dismissal. He tried to create an organism to stand above human beings as well as Curien. I don’t know what it’s going to be, but apparently it seems that he creates creatures for a different purpose than Curien. The mysterious person who never showed up at all in the case at the Curien Mansion. DBR Corp. It is said that he was responsible for the abduction of a researcher inside the mansion.
[DBR. Corp]
DNA Bio Reacter Corporation, a research institute for biological research, mainly for genetic and DNA recombination research. It is a government research institution, and it’s activities are partly open to the public. Also, the research process has been reported to government agencies on a sequential basis.
[DBR. Researcher]
The research on DNA Bio-Reacter is mainly carried out. Their research themes vary, however, they intervene in unknown fields such as “Catalog of human genome”, “Proof of biodeterminism”, “Intervention to DNA somatic cells”, “Existence system of acquired RNA” and more. The researchers at the Curien Mansion were abducted and forced to engage in research by Dr. Curien, but there was a tragedy that would be attacked by zombies when it was used late in the study.