SEGA Interactive interviews HOTD series director Takashi Oda and wants to develop 3 more games

In a recent interview uploaded on SEGA Interactive’s official website, the company interviewed The House of the Dead series director, Takashi Oda, on his life history as a junior high school student before having a career at SEGA in Japan.

The interview goes further in depth on his time developing The House of the Dead series with he and his team at AM1 were task to create a gun shooting game with horror taste after the success of Virtua Cop, his reaction to the location test version with the rejected blow back gun system, and the proposal on making The House of the Dead 5 back in 2012 before House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn was in development.

The few interesting tidbits within the interview is that Oda-san would love to continue making at least 3 more House of the Dead titles in the future, including a House of the Dead FPS to give players enough freedom to walk around stages if there was enough demand. You can read the full interview with Google Translate. What are your initial thoughts on the interview and the future of the House of the Dead series? I think HOTD FPS would be a good concept if it focuses on the aspects of virtual reality.

The Website of the Dead is now a part of the SegaBits Partner Network

I am happy to announce that The Website of the Dead will be part of the SEGABits Partner Network. SEGABits is one of the fastest growing SEGA sites on the internet that covers news about everything Sega related. It’s a awesome site if you want to see some news on Sega upcoming games, listen to both their “Swinging Report Show” and “Sonic Talk” podcast, view game reviews by watching “My Life with SEGA” and many other cool content on their site.

As you can see, we merged our forums with SEGABits in order to grow the community of Sega fans even further.

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Type or Die: Forum is up and ready to go

As Washington would say “We got a mutha fu##ing forum baby!” Now fans will be able to join the forums and chat all things House of the Dead related with other members. From characters to hi-scores. Just hit the forum button and don’t forget to go to the announcement section before you register. Enjoy!

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