Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX

Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX
Developer: Sega WOW Overworks
Platforms: Arcade
Release: 2009 (Arcade)

Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX is a unique spinoff entry to the series with full of zombie love and humour. The game runs on Sega’s Lindbergh arcade hardware with two light guns and pedals similar to the Time Crisis series. EX is a game that features tons of minigames made for lovely couples to test their compatiblity with each other as they play as two zombie escapees as they escape from the evil clutches of Dr. Curien and his evil experiements. During the game, you and your partner must go through of series of minigames such as gathering apples, brushing Justice’s bad teeth, matching zombies, and even parodying the Matrix by dodging cakes! This game is one of the most unique spinoff of the series and I definitely recommend this game for couples. In the words of Zobio, “LET’S PLAY TOGETHER!”

Dr. Curien was an excellent scientist. He was absorbed into human research as if the boundary was changed to one day, to revive the dead. A female zombie was produced as part of its research, Zobiko is imprisoned in the dungeon that would have been too much for her. Avoiding the feeling of loneliness, Zobiko talks to the strong zombie man, … Zobio. They both fall in love. Eventually, tears streaming down from the eyes of Zobiko. Zobio helps her and they both are determined to escape the Institute together. The future of escape of the love between loving deads, how?
In game story
Zobiko was born.
…But she never listened to the doctor.
The angry doctor…
threw her into the jail.
She chatted with a guardsman, Zobio.
Then, they fell in love and…
Broke a door and escaped bravely!
Their destiny?

Zobio & Zobiko
Dr. Curien
Star Type 0001

Chapter 1- Escape
Chapter 2- Rival in love
Chapter 3- Love & Hate
Chapter 4- Come Alive

*coming soon*

Justice: Shoot Bad Teeth
Star: A Star is Born
Empress: Take The A Train Z
The World: The Final Battle


*Zobio and Zobiko appear as playable characters along with Sonic the Hedgehog and many other Sega characters in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. The vehicle they both ride on is the Hotrod of Horror, an old-fashioned black Cadillac with chainsaws on the sides and has a all star move called “Run-a-Way Love” in which Zobio drinks a radioactive potion, grows big, and runs around with Zobiko riding his back as Zobio smashes anybody in his path. This is the only game that they have appeared in outside of Japan.
*The game parodies tons of pop culture media, like the Matrix and Initial D for example.
*James Taylor, Gary Stewart, and Kate Green makes a cameo appearance in Chapter 3’s “Detective Zobiko”

House of the Dead: Promotional Movie Prequel Comic

Comic written & drawn by Eli 5 Stone. I’ve found a couple of these rare comics on Ebay based on the dreaded movie and bought them for the site. This book is the prequel to Uwe Boll’s ill fated film based on our favorite Sega franchise, The House of the Dead. Here’s the entire comic for your viewing pleasure. *Warning, it’s very short*

copyright (c) 2003 ARTISAN ENTERTAINMENT and subsidiaries

The House of the Dead 4

The House of the Dead 4
Developer: Sega WOW Overworks
Platforms: Arcade, PS3
Release: 2005 (Arcade) 2012 (PS3)

The House of the Dead 4 is the fourth installment of the series. The game runs on Sega’s Lindbergh arcade hardware that delivers motions picture quality sound and graphics. The hardware’s power allows more zombies than ever before to fill the screen with such intricate detail the player will be in a world he has never experienced before. Weaponary has changed once again in this installment with the use of a lightweight sub-machine gun with a new feature to allow reloading ammunition and escaping enemy grasps by “simply shaking the gun” Continue reading

The House of the Dead III

The House of the Dead III
Developer: Sega WOW Entertainment
Platforms: Arcade, Xbox, PC, Wii (2&3 Return), PS3
Release: 2003

The House of the Dead III is another light gun shooter developed by Sega WOW (formally AM1) for the Chihiro arcade hardware which has the same architectures from Microsoft’s Xbox hardware. The game departs from the first two games. Instead of using light gun pistols, players must use shotguns to do away with zombies and reload by pumping it. The branching system is different from the previous games as well. The player is given options for navigating through the game prior to the start of most stages, ultimately going through the same areas with different results dependent on the order chosen. Rescue Events replaces civilians and players must rescue each other from the grasp of the evil creatures. An extra life will be awarded to the player if they are successful of saving their partner from harm. Continue reading

The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2
Developer: Sega AM1
Platforms: Arcade, Dreamcast, PC, Xbox (Unlockable in III), Wii (2&3 Return)
Release: 1998 (Arcade) 2000 (Dreamcast)

The House of the Dead 2 is a light gun shooter and the sequel to the original House of the Dead game developed by Sega AM1 for the Naomi arcade hardware. Similar to the previous players must shoot the creatures and save as many innocent people as you can. Unlike the previous game, players can now reload the gun automatically by aiming outside the screen without pulling the trigger. It also incorporates a branching path system that allows players to take a variety of different routes leading to the same point in the game’s story. The story takes place in Venice, Italy on February 26, 2000 after the Curien Mansion incident. AMS agents, James Taylor and Gary Stewart, are sent to investigate the strange events in the city and put an end to this new case. Friends… the door of fate shall open. Continue reading

The House of the Dead

The House of the Dead
Developer: Sega AM1
Platforms: Arcade, Sega Saturn, PC, Mobile
Release: 1996-97 (Arcade) 1998 (Sega Saturn, PC)

The House of the Dead is a light gun shooter developed by Sega AM1 for the Model 2 arcade hardware. The game is similar to one of Sega’s other titles such as Virtua Cop where players must shoot the enemy target and save as many innocent people as you can. However, the enemies are not human, their the undead created by a mad scientist who wishes to eliminate the human race. As an agent, you must stop him, gun down his evil creatures, and save as many scientist held hostage as you can, including the main protagonist’s girlfriend, Sophie. The game also has a unique branching system where you can choose a path around the mansion depending on your choice. Remember not to go into the house… alone. Continue reading

Dr. Curien

Dr. Roy Curien

Height: 185 cm
Weight: 85kg
Hair: Blonde & Gray
Eye: green and blue
Sex: Male
Age: 48
D.O.B 6/11/1947
Affiliation: DBR Corporation

The House of the Dead
The distinguished Dr. Curien cuts an impressive figure. He was employed for some time by DBR Corp. as research director, and is the inventor of the BioReactor system. Before his sudden transformation, he led the DBR research program aggresively, and commanded the admiration and respect of his staff, including Sophie Richards. Born of a noble family, Curien lived with his son, Daniel, in a mansion built in medieval times.

The House of the Dead III
The mastermind of the Curien Mansion case incident in December 1998. Dr. Curien’s plan was stopped by two AMS agents, Rogan and G, and Dr. Curien was killed. He only appears at the recollection scenes and you can see him before he starts the mad experiments. His body, however was recovered by EFI Research Facility and ultimately becoming the Wheel of Fate nineteen years later.


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Fans of the Dead: Aellise HOTD artwork

If you stopped by the Sonic the Comic Online website, you may have seen this art style before on their take on The House of the Dead web comic series. The artwork was done by Aellise, who is also the illustrator of the web comic series. She’s a huge fan of the House of the Dead series and you can tell how hard she put effort on her beautiful art pieces of the first game in the series. I must say, she has a unique art style on each of these pieces. Check them out.

By Aellise @ Deviantart



The House of the Dead 4 made #5 Best Selling Game on the PSN Charts of April

The House of the Dead 4 sold so well on PSN, that it managed to jump up on the #5 spot on the PSN Best Selling chart of April. I would like to give thanks to all the HOD fans who purchased this great arcade shooter after waiting seven years for a home port and both Oda and Yas for making such a cool game. Continue to support Sega by purchasing III and 4 on the Playstation Network for only $10 each.

Now how about porting the first game and Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX, Sega AM1?