Events of the Horror lies here ~ The Official House of the Dead Timeline

Year 1991
Years ago during the cold war, the military made a new superhuman formula called Formula X. The project for its use failed. The bunker for the experiments was left unaccessed until now.

In 1991, AMS Special Agent G is given his first assignment and sent to a small town in Louisiana to investigate a series of disappearances and hunt down a deranged crime lord, Papa Caesar. Due to the presence of mutants, G is forced to team up with Detective Isaac Washington who is out to get revenge on Caesar for apparently killing his father. Originally thought to be Caesar who was behind the mutant outbreak, it was none other the prison warden, Clement Darling. G and Issac Washington put an end to Clement’s crime by self-destructing the compound. But, is this the end of the chaos?

December 18, 1998

The Curien Mansion incident… no one could imagine the true horrors contained within the original “House Of The Dead.” Motivated by madness, Dr. Curien nearly succeeded in bringing chaos to the world. But in the end, it was Dr. Curien himself who lost his life at the hands of his own scientific masterpiece: “Type 0 Magician.” This incident was brought to a close through the diligent work of AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G.

February 20, 2000
Strange events and violent rioting compel AMS agents to return to action in a town of terrorized citizens. Amidst the chaos, a mysterious figure named Goldman steps forward to take responsibility. Due to obvious similarities with the original “House Of The Dead” case, AMS agents James and Gary are dispatched to put an end to the madness, and they seem to succeed…
One day in 2002
Breaking news: “Bizarre occurrences are taking place within countries throughout the world. The national government is taking action to funnel all available resources to the task of discovering the cause of these occurrences and the origin of the evil creatures…”


Plummeting toward collapse, the world teeters on the edge of oblivion. Horrific phenomenons are now taking place everywhere bring disorder and chaos as paranoid citizens fight for the means to survive. It isn’t long before this chain of events has succeeded in bringing the world to its knees by AMS agents James, G and a new comer Kate Green… 

October 2019

Survivors identify the EFI Research Facility as the force behind the world collapse. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, authorities send in former AMS agent Thomas Rogan. But mere moments into the mission, contact with Rogan is lost.

October 31, 2019

Desperate for answers, G and Lisa Rogan arrive at the EFI Research Facility in an effort to locate Thomas Rogan and his team. Beguiled by their apocalyptic surroundings, one seeks a friend while the other seeks a father. The astonishing facts, previously concealed, now propel both agents toward an unexpected confrontation, and a conclusion that will change the earth forever.

Screenshots of Project X Zone featuring Busujima and The Curien Mansion

Here’s the latest screenshots of Project X Zone. It seems that Busujima will sport his alternate costume and teams up with Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine fighting a Ebitan creature. Curien Mansion once again shows up as a battlefield. Click below for screenshots.

Source: Andriasang


Rikiya Busujima from Zombie Revenge is set to appear as a playable character in Project X Zone

In the upcoming Famitsu magazine, Rikiya Busujima, a deadly Japanese AMS agent from Zombie Revenge, is set to appear in Namco Bandai’s Project X Zone along with other well known Sega characters, Sakura Shinguji and Akira Yuki. I kinda had a hunch he would be picked as a playable character ever since Bruno Delinger from the Dynamite Deka series (Die Hard Arcade and Dynamite Cop) was announced. Will he be able to grasp his enemies with one hand and cut enemies with his tornado elbow attack? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see. Project X Zone is set to be released on October 11, 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS and is a Japan exclusive. Perhaps a huge petition can break this. Do you want Project X Zone to be released in the west?

Source: Andriasang


Zombie Revenge


Zombie Revenge shares a lot in common with The House of the Dead series as both games were developed by Sega AM1. The first picture with Zed and his parents, you can see his father wearing the same attire as Thomas Rogan. The second picture shows desktop icons of Thomas Rogan and G on Lisa Rotta’s computer as the three AMS agents search for Zed. The third and fourth pictures shows off the Curien Mansion as the sixth stage of the game filled with enemies from the first game (Ebitans and Kageos for example) Even the final boss is based on The Magician Type 0.

                                                      Sega Superstars
The House of the Dead is featured as a minigame in Sega Superstars for the PS2. The minigame features locations and enemies from the third game. Players must smack away zombies on the screen and save many female civilians as they can.

Sega Superstars Tennis

The Curien Mansion appears as a tennis courtyard in SST mixed with enemies from the first and second game. The mansion is also featured as a minigame where players must take down zombies in a Space Invaders type of gameplay and save DBR scientist.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

The lovely couple, Zobio & Zobiko, appear as playable racers in ASR with the return of the Curien Mansion. The Curien Mansion has three tracks, Outer Forest, Sewer Scrapes, and Deadly Route. Tower type 8000 makes a cameo appearance in Sewer Scrapes in the middle of the sewer.

                                                Yakuza: Black Panther 2

A minigame within Black Panther 2 called “The Castle of the Dead” is featured inside Club Sega.


                                          Children of the Corn: Revelations

The House of the Dead arcade cabinet appears in a scene in Children of the Corn Revelations.

Dude Where’s My Car?

Another appearance of the HotD arcade cabinet in Dude Where’s My Car. The arcade shows off highscores and the opening featuring Dr. Curien.

                                                 Dog the Bounty Hunter

The arcade cabinet on the right makes an appearance in the fifth season of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

                                                       Wreck-It RalphCyril the Axe Zombie from the first House of the Dead game will appear in the upcoming Disney film, Wreck It Ralph, along with other video game villians.

Viewers can also spot arcade cabinet in the movie
Sonic the Hedgehog #98
Ken from The House of the Dead 2 makes an appearance in a Station Square newspaper in Sonic the Hedgehog # 98 which is also a adaptation to Sonic Adventure 2.
Junjou Romantica
The character, Akihiko Usami, wears the same attire as Agent G wore in The House of the Dead III. This may have been a influence to G’s design for HOTDIII. 
Hayate no Gotoku vol.17 ch.2

A arcade game that looks similar to The House of the Dead 4 makes a appearace in the manga, Hayate no Gotoku. You can see a character that looks like Thomas Rogan, the chapter logos, and a boss that looks like the final boss of HOTD4, The World. 

If anyone knows anymore cameo media appearances of The House of the Dead. Shoot up a comment below and I will add up more cameos asap. ~ Kori

The House of the Dead Character Drafts, who is Mr. Happy and Playboy

Friends… the wait is now over. It is now time for me to show off early character concepts of the original The House of the Dead. These pictures contain early drafts of Thomas Rogan, G, Dr. Curien, Sophie, and two mysterious characters.

As you can see in Sophie and Curien’s concept drafts, their names are different. Sophie’s original name was possibly going to be Carole and Curien as Dr. A in the early part of the game. It seems that AM1 changed their names in the end.

Thomas Rogan and G looks identical to their game counterparts giving Rogan an American look while G looks a bit Asian.

But who are these two mysterious characters who haven’t made it to the final game. Mr. Happy and Playboy. Mr. Happy is a human being wrapped in bandages all over with a long black coat, a tie, and a top hat. He looks very familiar to someone in a recent game that Sega has released last year. If you played Rise of Nightmares and finished the game, you may know who I may be referring to. Could AM1 have used this character design for Rise of Nightmares?

As for Playboy, a human or zombie with blue skin (Nightcrawler?) with a suit and a comb. Seems like AM1 tried to make a ladies man based on his name lol. To me he looks a bit like Clement Darling, but with a handsome look and doesn’t have a incestuous love for his mother if you catch my drift lol.

I hope you guys enjoyed taking a look at these awesome concept art by AM1. Hopefully one day, we can get real answers from Takashi Oda on who Mr. Happy and Playboy are.

The concept drafts of each character will be uploaded to the official artwork section.

Source: The House of the Dead Perfect Guide

Sega Amusements posts The House of the Dead 4 arcade pics and info from 2005

Sega Amusements, a Sega’s arcade company in charge of producing arcades to the market, posted lots of HOTD4 information from the company’s vault to their Facebook Timeline which includes screenshots, booth photos showing of the game, artwork, the Lindbergh arcade system and a G3 article interview with Yashuhiro Nishiyama, the producer of Sega Coporation’s AM R&D Division dated back in 2005. Pretty neat stuff Sega Amusements been posting the past few weeks and the article really intrigues me. Here are some words from the producer back in 2005.

“I personally spend a lot of time in gaming environments with players, in arcades, pubs, bowling centres, just watching the customers, imaging them playing my game in order to build profiles. I would quit this business if I lost this connection to the player, this sense of the games they want to play” ~ Yashuhiro Nishiyama

 I believe that Nishiyama-san’s marketing strategy and spending time with players at the arcade really worked well for The House of the Dead 4. Not to forget that The House of the Dead 4 sold pretty well on PSN last April. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a next installment real soon along with ports of the original game and Loving Deads. Check out the gallery below with booth photos, beta screenshots, artwork, and the article. While your at it “Like” and Follow Sega Amusements on their Facebook and Twitter page for more awesome Sega arcade stuff.

Source: Sega Amusement’s Facebook Page


Fans of the Dead: The House of the Dead Climax Edition

You know when you buy a arcade machine for places like GameWorks and Dave and Busters. There’s always a manual with it on how to play the game. But the real deal is…. what if Sega made a crossover game with Bayonetta and The House of the Dead. In Japanese terms, Bayonetta X The House of the Dead. An anonymous SegaBits member made an awesome instruction manual on how to play The House of the Dead: Climax Edition.
Player 1 plays the left gun and right gun
Player 2 plays the left leg and right leg
Whoever drew this needs to be hired at Sega. This concept is amazing for a spinoff game. Check it out!

Source: SegaBits