Petition Campaign of the Dead: HOTD HD and EX for consoles

Image drawn by The Gagaman

Sorry for the late update HOTD fans. Where do I start? I had a great time at Sonic Boom in San Diego (lots of Sonic and Sega fans) and reunited with the community staff from Sega of America and meeting admin TRiPPY. Had a great time talking to her about Sega, the Sega Saturn, and job opportunities. Anyway After seven years of waiting for a console port of the fourth installment to the House of the Dead series, The House of the Dead 4. Sega has finally found a way to deliver us both arcade HOTD titles (III & 4) to digital platforms such as the Playstation Network. We’ve been waiting for this moment for quite sometime… However, as fans of The House of the Dead series, we crave for more!

After reading countless of gaming forums, comments on Youtube, and my visit with Sega at Sonic Boom, I wanted to start my very own campaign. To have Sega to port both the original two games and spin-off title Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX.

Fans have been begging for a faithful port of the first House of the Dead game in it’s original form (MODEL 2 graphics) since the Saturn & PC versions has been heavily criticized due to graphic limitations. With other classic Sega titles from the arcade/Saturn era of the 90’s released and coming to digital platforms (Daytona USA & NiGHTS HD) Why not the House of the Dead? As fans of the series, we want to relive those moments from the arcade era in our living rooms and fight Dr. Curien’s diabolical creations like The Chariot and The Magician. This game also introduced us to two highly trained and well known AMS agents throughout the series, Thomas Rogan & G, as they save Rogan’s fiancee, Sophie Richards, and stop Dr. Curien’s plans from destroying human civilization. The House of the Dead 2 would be awesome in HD in it’s original Naomi format which had more blood and music tunes.

However, there were rumors going around for couple of years about Sega losing the source code of the original game along with other Sega titles stated by former SoA president, Simon Jeffrey. If the rumors are true, then Sega Wow may be able to remake the entire game from scratch and release it to the arcades with newer levels inside Curien’s Mansion and features within the game. As of now, we don’t know what they could be up to.

Not only the original game and it’s sequel, but also the Japanese/European only HotD game Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX also deserves a port to digital platforms. The game’s storyline tells the audience about a zombie couple, Zobio & Zobiko, escaping the mansion to live a life in peace together from the clutches of Dr. Curien and his evil creatures. I’ve watched a couple of gameplay videos and I must say that this game looks REALLY enjoyable. Check and see for yourself. The game features tons of unique minigames where players much reach each other hand before time runs out such as dodging cakes during bullet time, rhythm tapping, finding the right zombie (may look familiar to those who played HOD2), and shooting bad teeth. A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for lovely couples all over the world.

And this is where you guys come in, our mission is to get Sega to release these games on digital platforms as soon as possible (don’t want to wait for another seven years (-_-;) It’s easy…
Just sign these two petitions and your set
The House of the Dead HD
Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX
Our goal is to reach 100 signatures each for both games and I may plan on making a video to spread the word even further and you guys can post your reasons explaining why you want these games to consoles as video responses. Not so bad right? Show your support AMS agents, about time “we” made a move!

AMS Agent Profile: Dan Taylor

A member of Rogan’s troop. The troop members had been through extensive training and were the best of the best. But on their last mission their enemies were unidentifiable creatures and the troop was killed one by one.

A former AMS agent who entered into the EFI research facility with Thomas Rogan, this agent was with Rogan until all contact ceased.

Appearances: The House of the Dead III, The Typing of the Dead 2

Video Game Connoisser, Seàn Whitear explains why we need more Typing of the Dead

The Typing of the Dead series is one of those unique names that Sega Wow has ever created based on the popular HotD sequel, The House of the Dead 2. Video game connoiser, Seàn Whitear, gave his thoughts and explains why we need more Typing of the Dead. Why? Because it has over the top humour, it’s educational, and most of all you can kill zombies with words on your very own keyboard. Here’s a snip from his amazing article

The Typing of the Dead is a great idea. It’s as laugh-out-loud funny and ridiculous as it is educational and helpful to a player’s everyday computing life. To make things even sweeter for developer Wow Entertainment (now Sega Wow) and publisher Sega, it probably didn’t require a great deal of funds to produce, either. Typing was only released in Japanese arcades but found its way to Dreamcast and PC in other countries; there was also a sequel, Typing of the Dead II, which was based on House of the Dead III, but it never made it outside of Japan. Typing is, perhaps, an even more niche game than the series it’s spun off from but a new release distributed on the cheap via a digital distribution platform like Steam could really prove to be a cult hit amongst PC gamers.

Check out his list of reasons why we should have more Typing of the Dead for today’s digital distribution here. Since Sega is going to release more games on digital, Typing should be one of them and a port of Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX and The House of the Dead. Get on it Sega!

Source: Video Game Connoisser, Sean Whitear

The House of the Dead III will be 30% and 50% off PSN tommorow as a part of PSN’s “Summer Sale 2012”

Starting tomorrow, The House of the Dead III will be on sale between 30% and 50% off on the Playstation Network for $4.89 for regular members and $3.42 for Playstation Plus members. I think this would be a perfect opportunity for those who haven’t bought the game yet. On the negative side, the PSN port is based on the PC version with no widescreen support, but it’s still a very fun game to play with your friends. So if your interested, prep your money up for tomorrow and face your fears. True horror lies here.

Source: Gaming Blend

New Project X Zone Trailer shows off all characters in motion including Rikiya Bushujima

Namco Bandai Games has just released a new 10 minute trailer of the upcoming 3DS game Project X Zone, which is a dream crossover RPG tatical game featuring characters by Capcom, Sega, and Namco. This new trailer shows off all the characters that are playable. For all of the HotD/Zombie Revenge can see Rikiya Busujima in action with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine fighting (literally) beating the crap out of an Ebitan creature in the Curien Mansion grounds. He seems to retain all of his moves from Zombie Revenge. He appears as a solo tag and maybe the only character representing the HotD series and Zombie Revenge. Project X Zone is set to be released on October 11, 2012 for the Nintendo in Japan only. In my honest opinion, the West wants this game so bad due to it’s awesomeness. Just watch the entire trailer to see what I mean. Enjoy!