Obscured Ways to Promote the Dead: The Commercial of the Dead Part 2

Picking up where we left off, here are more crazy HotD advertisements by SEGA

Come on FRIEND, Learn Zombie Engrish!

English of the Dead is a direct spin-off to Typing of the Dead, which is also a spin-off to The House of the Dead 2. But, instead of typing to blast zombies away with the keyboard, you use your stylus on the DS by writing letters in English (Death Note spoof). The only flaw is that its a Japanese exclusive, but you can always import it and play it on your original Nintendo DS. Other than that, this trailer shows how much Sega is advertising this game from zombies in tutus to Goldman holding a baby David zombie. This game looks quite enjoyable and funny to play. Check it out if you want?

Loving Deads

You may know these two main characters Zobio and Zobiko from Sega’s All-Stars series, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing. If your wondering where they originated from, these two love birds first appeared in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX where they must escape from a mad scientist and spend the rest of their lives together. The trailer shows us the story of the game as mentioned before and then cuts to the gameplay with the House of the Dead 4 theme playing at a faster rate. If you thought Typing of the Dead and English of the Dead were wacky, this game is WAY beyond wacky. This game is basically a party game where you play different types of mini-games like brushing Justice’s teeth, catching apples, zombie sumoing, and AM1 even referenced The Matrix where you have to dodge pies in bullet time. What’s even more funny is that Zobio is wearing Neo’s clothes, while Zobiko is sporting Trinity’s trends. With SEGA porting The House of the Dead III & 4 to the PSN, there might be a possible chance that this game will be ported as well.

BRTUAL… SHOCKING… UNREAL… The Hardcore you’ve been waiting for.

To close this showcase, I present to you The House of the Dead: OVERKILL. The game was created by U.K. studio Headstrong Games and published by Sega. This game is also a prequel to the very first House of the Dead game. Sega hired Headstrong Games to create a new HotD game for them with a different style and setting. Headstrong Games decided to make it a gritty, grind house, double feature style video game with more adult content and extreme use of gore. Not only did they do that, they’ve also added new characters and written the story. But which shocked fans like myself was the profanity such as the word “Fuck!” This was very unusual in a House of the Dead game, but fans did enjoyed the comedy. This trailer made by Sega definitely shows that this game is the hardcore you’ve been waiting for.

Bonus: Even though this isn’t HotD related, this is by far the most interesting trailer of Rise of Nightmares.

Comparing the Dead: Rise of Nightmares and The House of the Dead

A fellow friend of mine, Barry the Nomad, from SegaBits made a interesting blog post which is one of my favorites on SegaBits and I wanted to share this article with other fans of the HotD series. In this article, he gives us comparsion between these two games explaining how both games have similar settings to one another. Interesting fact: Rise of Nightmares was created by the AM1 team, the same people that brought you The House of the Dead and was suppose to become a HotD game but was dropped as a idea to become Rise of Nightmares. Here’s the intro

“I’d think any true blue SEGA fan has a special place in their heart for The House of the Dead franchise. Being an arcade lightgun classic, and spanning three console generations, The House of the Dead has produced a number of sequels, spin-offs and even ventured outside of the video game world by way of two horrible films. When Rise of Nightmares, SEGA’s latest Kinect title, was revealed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, little was known of the game aside from “save your wife from an evil scientist”. Was it internally developed? Was it a House of the Dead title? We just couldn’t tell based on the short and creepy trailer. But now that time has passed, and the game is in stores, we have all the answers. In this week’s Weekly Five we’ll take a look at five reasons why I think Rise of Nightmares sits well alongside the beloved House of the Dead series, despite not carrying the series title, and why HotD fans should check the game out! ”

Read more @ http://segabits.com/blog/2011/09/16/the-weekly-five-rise-of-nightmares-x-the-house-of-the-dead/#more-16646

Type or Die: Forum is up and ready to go

As Washington would say “We got a mutha fu##ing forum baby!” Now fans will be able to join the forums and chat all things House of the Dead related with other members. From characters to hi-scores. Just hit the forum button and don’t forget to go to the announcement section before you register. Enjoy!

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Obscured Ways to Promote the Dead: The Commercial of the Dead Part 1

Sega has some interesting ideas when advertising there games back when they were in the console business, even until now with games like Sonic Generations and Rise of Nightmares. But when it comes to The House of the Dead, Sega has some awesome and yet obscured commericals for this franchise. First let’s take a look at the awesome

SEGATA SANSHIRO vs. The House of the Dead

This awesome shows the karate Sega Saturn holding martial artist Segata Sanshiro fighting against Curien’s mad experiments. He does fend them off with his signature judo flip, but they continue to rise and surround him. Probably shows that Segata can’t force them to play the Sega Saturn. For those who don’t know who Segata Sanshiro is, he was a character that was created by Sega to promote the Sega Saturn and all of its games in Japan portrayed by Japanese actor  Hiroshi Fujioka, who was also know for playing Takeshi Hongo in Kamen Rider. On to the next commerical.

Talking about Zombies in the office

My Japanese is SO rusty, that I won’t be able to translate what they are saying, but it seems that they are talking about zombies in the work environment. It seems that office ladies enjoy blasting away zombies with the Dreamcast light gun in The House of the Dead 2.

Most Dangerous Enemy Mankind has ever encountered

This commerical is not weird or obscured in anyway possible. It shows Thomas Rogan’s daughter Lisa and former AMS Agent G blasting through the EFI Research Facility with a man narrating “Most dangerous enemy mankind has ever encountered”. Ending with Lisa saying “Had enough yet?” and reloading her shotgun LIKE A BOSS.

Three Old ladies running away

For some reason, I am unable to find this commercial on Youtube, but I can describe it a bit. It first begins with three old Japanese women with shopping bags running around the mall screaming “possibly zombies which they are no where to be seen” so the other people around them are looking at them funny. Then it cuts to the actual gameplay of The House of the Dead 4.

That’s it for now until part 2 of commercials and trailers of The House of the Dead. The next set are even more wackier than the ones before. Ready for some zombie lovin’ and zombies teaching you english on your portable device? Stay tuned.

Greatest House of the Dead Moment Ever

Ever since I’ve played Overkill when it was released back in 2009 and the Extended Cut that came out last Halloween, I laughed my butt off through out the whole playthrough, particularly this scene. Where the newcomer Issac Washington is cussing his ass off being stranded out of no where while Papa Caesar is getting away, until G shows up with a new ride “The Ice Cream Truck”.

I must say this is by far the most funniest cutscene I have ever seen in a video game. G explains to Washington how a man can have his choice of music in his own automobile while Issac disagrees calling a ice cream truck an automobile. G then tries to discusses about music on the road while the outside is passing by, but Washington doesn’t share his personal taste in music before trusting that person and complains about sitting in the passager seat which he hasn’t done since he was a kid. Washigton just tells him to play his “f***ing music” and that’s when this situation turns funny.

We now know that our mysteries AMS agent that has appeared in almost every single HotD game out there, love himself some country music. That’s when Issac goes “WTF!” Issac then mocks G about his taste of music and gets in a argument with G. G is just trying to start a “conver-mothaf***in’-sation” and gives up and drive. Issac asks him can he drive as G responds with a “no!” following another question if he can have a lollipop with G saying “yes!” Issac then inserts his funky music.

Headstrong Games outdid themselves with Overkill. Hopefully they’ll work on a sequel with both characters along with Rogan or James Taylor.

Speaking of ice cream trucks, G and Washigton could have been good canidiates for Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing, but that’ll be too much for the kiddies. Glad that they add Zobio and Zobiko in their place.

Friends, The Door of Fate Shall Open

Welcome to the new and approved Website of the Dead. Dedicated to the fans of The House of the Dead franchise created by SEGA Corporation. Hi, I’m Kori (also known as Kori-Maru from number of Sega fansites such as SegaBits and Sonic Stadium.) You guys may not know it, but I’m a huge SEGA fan and love all of their games. But, my main focus was on The House of the Dead series. The reason why I wanted to start a site based on The House of the Dead series was due to less sites with numerous fans (ranging from Gamefaqs to Youtube) and basic information. Awhile back, I did get a website going, but it was getting nowhere and was later hacked by a unknown source. Until, a few of my friends from SegaBits decided to help me rebuild it. Along with some major help from Shadi, I was able to bring back this website to a new domain. So in due time, the site is still in progress but you can expect

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By the way just recently, SEGA has just announced The House of the Dead III and the long awaited fourth sequel The House of the Dead 4 for the Playstation Network. It will also support the Playstation Move. Unfortunetly for 360 and PC users, it’s PS3 exclusive. Then again there’s always spin-offs (The House of the Dead EX for Kinect anyone?) :3

And a familiar enemy use to say, you haven’t seen anything yet! Chow!