The House of the Dead III: Early Prototype Trailer

This is a very early trailer that showcases early gameplay footage of The House of the Dead III where you can see Lisa and G in Rogan and Dan’s position in story mode (before they were implemented in the game.) as well as different creatures and background layouts. The target cursors are a bit smaller in this version. Enjoy!

The House of the Dead III now available on PSN

The House of the Dead III is now available to download on PSN with HD graphics, trophies and Playstation Move support exclusively on the Playstation Store for $6.99.

Here’s what Senior Vice President of Digital Business at Sega of America, Haruki Satomi has to say. “We know not everyone has easy access to an arcade with a House of the Dead cabinet, so we wanted to give players around the world the chance to have that same experience in their living rooms. “We hope everyone enjoys The House of the Dead 3’s classic gameplay and new features, and look forward to introducing console owners to the fourth, previously arcade-only, installment later this spring.”

Not only that, this newer version of House of the Dead III includes a bonus reward for players to earn in-game. A very own “The House of the Dead III” Arcade cabinet for Playstation Home. Also PS + users get a free dynamic theme and avatars.

So pump up your shotguns and send zombies straight back to hell as Rogan’s hot headed daughter, Lisa Rogan and former AMS agent G. True Horror Lies Here. Can You Face The Fear?

Source: SEGA Blog

Playstation Plus users gets early access to The House of the Dead III Demo this month

You heard it, PSN + users can get an early access to The House of the Dead III demo next Tuesday on Feb 7th. So get your PSN + Cards at your local game store and get the taste of zombie action in this demo. Don’t forget that Sega are also bundling six Genesis games for free if your a PSN + member
Source: PS Blogs