Tune of the Dead: The Lost Chapters

Awhile back playing The House of the Dead on a Model 2 Emulator, I digged inside the service test option to enter the sound test and found two unused soundtracks.

These two tracks could mean that there were two more levels in the game, but it was cut from the final production. Since were getting ports of the 3rd and 4th game on the PS3, should AM1 create a perfect arcade port or a complete remake of the game with 2 additonal levels with the tracks to keep the game brand new?

The House of the Dead Action Figure Concepts

Hack B. Nimble, a former employee of Palisades Toys, shows off some concepts of his work on the House of the Dead Series 1 and 2 toy line. Here’s a description on what he did in the early days work for Palisades.

“Some conceptual sketches from the House of the Dead action figures that I worked on in the early days of Palisades. A first series of 6-inch scale figures based on the SEGA first person shooter was released, a second series was designed, sculpted and painted but canceled prior to production.”

“For the hell of it, and because I think it’s interesting and because it’s my friggin’ page, gonna show the sculpts from the House of the Dead line that I recently uploaded the concept and control art from.

It’s cool sometimes to see how a sculpt turns out from the original material. The sculptor uses whatever concept sketches or control art I provided, along with whatever reference material I could put together for them.

Then it’s all process…they show me the rough sculpt, I make comments, they show the next step, comments, and on and on, until the sculpts are approved and then cast and painted. In fact, one of the types of art I did over the last ten years I never ever show, because it is boring to most…and that is when I take a sculpt into Photoshop and digitally revise it to show the sculptor what I need him or her to do to the piece.

I could have thousands of deviations with just that shit alone. And what’s interesting to note is that there is where a lot of my touch went into the work, being the art director. Many things would get shaped during that phase, the sketches and what-not were a simple starting point.”

Click below to see more sculpts and concepts of the creatures

For more check out his page @ http://residentlilly.deviantart.com/

SEGA SUPERSTARS! With The House of the Dead

Kevin Eva, owner of Sonic Wrecks, hooked me up with some assests from Sega Superstars to use for this site. I am very thankful for the support from other Sega fansites like these. As for Sega Superstars…

Sega Superstars is a crossover game developed by Sonic Team in 2004 for the Playstation 2 and uses the Eye Toy for great experience for the players. Sega Superstars has 12 mini games based off of Sega’s popular franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Space Channel where the play must be centered in front of the camera to give full control of the character.

The House of the Dead has a minigame where players must slap around creatures and save female civilians from harm. Funny thing is, if you hit the female civilian, she’ll slap you lol.

Here’s some gameplay footage to refreshing the memory

Click below for screenshots

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The House of the Dead Official Artwork and Concepts: Characters

Hello fellow HotD and SEGA fans out there around the world! Today, I want to show off some very old artwork from the original House of the Dead game back in 1996/97. This was one of the reasons why I created this site back in 2009 to show other fans never before seen stuff in the House of the Dead universe. For now I will show off artwork of the main characters of the first game and the bosses on the later date (If I can find or buy a new scanner).  Enjoy!

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Fans of the Dead: Farewell by Tom Waterhouse

Found this work of art while searching on Google. This beautiful and gritty artwork was done by Tom Waterhouse aka 2D Forever. This short comic strip is based on the bad ending in the first House of the Dead game if you performed poorly. Here’s his description.

“This is the anti-climatic ending to the original “the House of the Dead” –still my favourite in the series. After slaying a few hundred zombies and stopping the evil scientist, Curien, this is what you get for your efforts… I love it. It just smacks you in the face –your game is done, but poor Rogan (the protaganist you’ve been playing as) has nothing anymore. There were multiple endings, but all began with the same bleak outlook for Rogan. If you’re really unlucky, you get an additional part to the ending where you see Rogan’s fiancée, Sophie, as a zombie. That really freaked me out the first time I saw that one…

Anyway, this was a quick tribute to what I think is a great and simple ending. I wanted to see if I could get the story across effectively in comic form. I think it works ok, what do you think?”

Planning to fit the story in comic form? Yes, do that please!

Check out more of his art @ www.2Dforever.com and follow him on Twitter.

The House of the Dead 4 Official Date and trailer

Sega has updated their blog and announced that the House of the Dead 4 will officially be released on April 17th on Playstation Network. Heres the information that Sega shared on their blog.

Straight out of the arcades in Japan, The House of the Dead 4 will be available exclusively on PSN on April 17 th at a wallet friendly price of $9.99. This is the first time this classic arcade light gun shooter is available on a home console. Your mission is quite simple. Play as AMS Agent James Taylor or Kate Green and save the world by fighting against an old enemy and hordes of unforgiving evil creatures. Use your gun and grenades to blast them away! Key features are:

– PlayStation Move compatible

– Multi-player mode

– Multiple paths

– Ranking and grading system to track your shot accuracy

– Additional levels from The House of the Dead 4 Special

– Bonus unlockable PlayStation Home item

– Original creator interview

– Trophies

A demo will be available from 4/10 – 4/24 exclusively to PlayStation Plus members. For a limited time only (4/17-5/1), Plus members will also have access to a 30% discount on the full game. Plus members will also have access to an exclusive dynamic theme and avatars to help set the mood. For the first two weeks (4/17-5/1), we will also be offering an avatar as a gift with purchase store wide. Download the game and continue the adventure!

Friends… the wait is now over! Hope is such a splendid thing. :3 The door of fate shall open.

Tons of new information on The House of the Dead 4 @ GDC 2012

Sega is at GDC 2012 presenting their upcoming digital games, including The House of the Dead 4. The House of the Dead 4 is a horror arcade shooter where players must use there Uzi machine guns and grenades to blast and push away a horde of creatures. The story is set in the year 2003 (Three years after the events of The House of the Dead 2), featuring AMS veteran from the last game James Taylor and a new AMS agent Kate Green as they fight for survial as the world begins to collaspe. The game will feature…
– Exclusively for PS3/PSN
– Two player co-op
– Arcade perfect port
– Play the game with either a standard controller or the PS Move/Sharpshooter
– The game will include “The House of the Dead 4: SPECIAL” with G as a playable character. So that means you don’t have to travel to different Gameworks around the country to play this game 8D.

Here’s an interview with Sega Digital Brand Manager, Jeff Beckham by Clevver Games

Sega is still aiming to release the game this spring, but will announce the release date sometime next week.

Sources: http://www.siliconera.com/2012/03/13/house-of-the-dead-4-for-ps3-is-almost-like-playing-the-arcade-game-at-home/
HotD fan and follower, Craig Anderson

The House of the Dead 4 PSN screenshots has surfaced the net

Looks like The House of the Dead 4 is looking swell on the Playstation 3. Looks very identical to the arcade version with added cursors. I’m hoping that this game has more to offer than 3 with new features.

The House of the Dead 4 is set to be released this spring on the Playstation Network. Hope is such a splendid thing.

Tip from HotD fan, Craig Anderson