Super Happy Fun Time with Nightmare Syndrome ~ The House of the Dead Manga

Produced by Gamest Comics, a Japanese book series which centers around video games in comic and manga form in the mid 90’s. This is something I wanted to share with both SEGA and House of the Dead fans out there.

Nightmare Syndrome Horror Game Comic Anthology is a ‘Anthology’ comic book compilation from Gamest, featuring a selection of various ‘Horror Game’ strips based on number of familiar games such as The House of the Dead, Clock Tower, Moonlight Syndrome, and Gekkamugentan Torico.

Today were going to focus on the plot of The House of the Dead Manga strip. It begins with Thomas Rogan and G entering Curien’s Mansion shooting the monkey creatures. Rogan hesiates as another creature approches him only to be finished off by Agent G. As they go through the Mansion after several events happening, Rogan suddenly brakes down and becomes a creature. G had no choice but to shoot him. In the end, Rogan was just waking up from a nightmare and dozes off again with the phone ringing. This was only the beginning of the story. Click below for the scans. Enjoy!

Source: Nightmare Syndrome Horror Game Comic Anthology ~ Gamest Comics #151