Another HotD mobile game? ~ The House of the Dead: Nightmare

While stumbling upon google searching for screenshots of The House of the Dead MOBILE produced by Sega of Japan. I happened to find this game out of nowhere. It’s called “The House of the Dead: Nightmare” I’ve managed to pop an emulator from my personal computer and played this bad boy. It happens to be quite enjoyable. The plot is similar to the original The House of the Dead game and the mobile game where you have to move in a 360 degree angle to shoot incoming enemies. The only differences in Nightmare is that it’s solely a 2D scrolling game similar to Galaga and the plot only focuses on Rogan only (Sorry G fans). The game also seems to be developed by the Sega China/Korea division that made Shinobi for mobile phones based on the art style. Here’s gameplay footage of Shinobi mobile.

Overall, this game is a fun game to play and has a classic arcade feel to it. The House of the Dead fans would definitely enjoy this game. Click below for screenshots.