Friends, The Door of Fate Shall Open

Welcome to the new and approved Website of the Dead. Dedicated to the fans of The House of the Dead franchise created by SEGA Corporation. Hi, I’m Kori (also known as Kori-Maru from number of Sega fansites such as SegaBits and Sonic Stadium.) You guys may not know it, but I’m a huge SEGA fan and love all of their games. But, my main focus was on The House of the Dead series. The reason why I wanted to start a site based on The House of the Dead series was due to less sites with numerous fans (ranging from Gamefaqs to Youtube) and basic information. Awhile back, I did get a website going, but it was getting nowhere and was later hacked by a unknown source. Until, a few of my friends from SegaBits decided to help me rebuild it. Along with some major help from Shadi, I was able to bring back this website to a new domain. So in due time, the site is still in progress but you can expect

– Forums

– Game Sections

– Never before seen concepts

– Rare interviews

– News

– Reviews

– Videos and many more information you want to know about HOTD

By the way just recently, SEGA has just announced The House of the Dead III and the long awaited fourth sequel The House of the Dead 4 for the Playstation Network. It will also support the Playstation Move. Unfortunetly for 360 and PC users, it’s PS3 exclusive. Then again there’s always spin-offs (The House of the Dead EX for Kinect anyone?) :3

And a familiar enemy use to say, you haven’t seen anything yet! Chow!