More House of the Dead representation on the latest Wreck-It-Ralph Trailer

Walt Disney UK has uploaded a new trailer of the upcoming Disney movie, Wreck-It-Ralph. In the beginning of the trailer, there are tons of arcade cabinets of all types of games including The House of the Dead. It’s great to see The House of the Dead getting a lot of love in this movie along with other Sega franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog & Virtua Cop.

Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph is set to be released in theaters on Nov 2, 2012. Be sure to check it out!

Source: SEGABits & Walt Disney UK Youtube channel

New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Trailer shows off Curien Mansion as a battle track

Sega Europe has uploaded a new video of the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed game showing off new characters, tracks & and battle arenas that you will see once the game hits the stores next month. You can see Curien Mansion makes an appearance yet again as a battle arena with a darker look as racers battle each other within the Doctor’s mansion inside and out. If you have an sharp eye, you can see posters of Zobio & Zobiko names on the wall. Speaking of which, will we see these lovely couple tear the tracks up again or sit out of this race?

UPDATE: Here’s at least 1 images from the Wii U version of Curien Mansion featuring Shinobi’s Joe Musashi.


Source: Sega Europe’s Youtube Channel

Deadly City Survival: It plays like The House of the Dead

If you like flash games and Sega’s The House of the Dead series, then Deadly City Survival is your type of game. It’s flash-based arcade survival horror shooter with a gritty setting similar to The House of the Dead 2 with the same gameplay features. Playing this game will feel like your playing an actual HOTD. The game also has a branching path system as well for you to choose your own path similar to The House of the Dead 3 & 4. I will provide a link to the game here for you guys to try the game out yourselves and share your thoughts on it.


The Website of the Dead is now a part of the SegaBits Partner Network

I am happy to announce that The Website of the Dead will be part of the SEGABits Partner Network. SEGABits is one of the fastest growing SEGA sites on the internet that covers news about everything Sega related. It’s a awesome site if you want to see some news on Sega upcoming games, listen to both their “Swinging Report Show” and “Sonic Talk” podcast, view game reviews by watching “My Life with SEGA” and many other cool content on their site.

As you can see, we merged our forums with SEGABits in order to grow the community of Sega fans even further.

The Website of the Dead forums by clicking the link. You can join and discuss the HOTD games with fans in the community.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Rating with Animated Blood

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has finally been rated by ESRB with “Animated Blood” Looks like we’re getting some House of the Dead love. This could also mean that the “creatures” will go back in their original form unlike the previous game. Who’s up for a Goldman Building Track?

Thanks to Barry the Nomad for the tip.

Source: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Product Page

Website of the Dead’s Exclusive Interview with Takashi Oda

Here is our interview with the director of The House of the Dead series, Takashi Oda. Thank you fans for submitting your questions to the man that brought this series to life.

1. It’s an honor to speak with the man who directs one of SEGA’s greatest arcade franchises, The House of the Dead. Tell me, how did you apply at SEGA and how long have you worked for the company?

I’ve been working at SEGA for 20 years. A friend of mine at university entered SEGA one year earlier than me, and he told me that SEGA was interesting, so I applied the following year.

2. What is your position within SEGA? Have you worked on any other titles other than The House of the Dead?

I work as a director creating games. Other than The House of the Dead, I have worked on mostly arcade shooters like “Vampire Night” and “Rambo”. I have also worked on “Motor Raid”, “BRAVE FIRE FIGHTERS.”, and “Harley-Davidson: King of the Road”.

3. What has The House of the Dead been influenced by?

One of the things that has influenced The House of the Dead is the film “Seven”. I saw it in the theater when we were creating The House of the Dead 1, and it was incredibly memorable. I think it had some effect on the game. Even when I watch it now, the atmosphere and the visual presentation still impresses me.

4. While directing the House of the Dead games, how did you come up with ideas for the characters, creatures, bosses, settings, etc? (motives, tarot cards and such)

The main characters of the game are the creatures and bosses, so we prioritized visual individuality for them. On the other hand, the player characters are created to be more general characters. The world is designed to be realistic, so the player thinks that the events in the game could happen.

5. I’ve heard that you don’t like to call your creatures “zombies”. Why is that?

The creatures in the games are copied and created. We wanted to differentiate them from the basic zombie formula where you get bitten by a zombie, and turn into a zombie. Because of this, we use the term “creature” instead.

6. A game guide from Japan says that before the game was called The House of the Dead, it was supposed to be a paranormal ghost game of some sort and Sophie a villain. Is this true?

In the initial game design document, the game’s environment was pretty close to what it is now. There were ideas to try a world where you face ghosts, but a game where you fight against phenomena that you can’t see was never an option. There was an idea to make Sophie a boss in the sequel, but that plot was deleted early in the planning phase.

7. Did Sophie survive during the 1998 Curien Mansion case, and is she the mother of Lisa Rogan?

Sophie did survive, and she is the mother of Lisa Rogan in The House of the Dead 3.

8. Who’s your favorite boss in the series?

My favorite boss is “Strength” from The House of the Dead 2. I think we were able to express the fear of being chased and facing unpredictable attacks.

9. After 16 years of the first game’s release, many fans have been wondering this – what does AMS stand for?

The development team asked me this, too. I told them that if we ever create a game based on a time before The House of the Dead 1, I would like to explain how AMS started.

10. G seems to appear in more House of the Dead games than any other character within the series. What purpose does he serve in the story, and what does his name stand for?

He appears in many of the games, but his frequent appearances are not necessarily intentional. If we ever created a game based on a time before The House of the Dead 1, the reason he is called “G” would be an important part of that game.

11. Whatever happened to the other characters from The House of the Dead series who only had appearances in few games, like Gary Stewart, Harry, Amy, Kate, Daniel, Lisa and Thomas Rogan? Will we ever see them again?

If we ever created a new game, I would like characters from the past to appear again so you can see what happened to each character, and how they’ve changed.

12. Were you involved with the writing for The House of the Dead Overkill in anyway? I’ve heard G told Issac Washington not to use the “Z” word. I was wondering if you were involved with that line?

I was not part of creation of the game, but I gave some advice about the story, and shared some rules of the House of the Dead franchise.

13. Will we ever see any returning bosses in a future House of the Dead game? I would love to see Hangedman or Judgement come back.

If we develop a sequel, these bosses may come back.

14. Fans have been speculating this theory since the release of III and 4. In one of the endings, there is this old mysterious man who limps on his right leg and picks some sort of container that Curien had and tells Goldman that he’s “soft” towards humans. Is he someone we know from previous titles or a entirely new character?

He was in both The House of the Dead 3 and 4. If we ever develop a sequel, the story would be based around this character.

And there you have it folks. Special Thanks to Kellie Parker, who worked very dillgently to get in contact with one of the creators of The House of the Dead. Also judging from the words of Oda-san, we may see another sequel and maybe several prequels to The House of the Dead games. The more the merrier I say.

The House of the Dead 2 ranked on the 28th spot in Game Informer’s Top 30 Co-Op Games of All Time.

Sorry for the late update with school going on and stuff. In this month’s latest issue of Game Informer “The Co-Op Issue”, Gameinformer ranks The House of the Dead 2 #28 of the top 30 Co-Op Games of All Time. As a fan of the House of the Dead series, I am happy to see that the game has received this spot. Why wouldn’t The House of the Dead 2 be listed as of the top co-op games of all time. My reasons are

– Fast paced arcade gameplay
– Shooting zombies and everything around you
– Humorous voice acting
– One of the Dreamcasts best selling games
– Bringing a friend to enjoy a game with you
– Goldman & his gnome theory

Here’s what Game Informer has to say about the game.

“On-rails light-gun shooters have been a staple of the arcade. Teaming up with a partner in The House of the Dead 2 was like going to the firing range, except without the need to wear those gigantic noise-dampening earmuffs. Even our Mortal Kombat childhoods, The House of the Dead 2 still delivered a startlingly violent cooperative tour through a monster-ravaged Venice. One gun simply wasn’t enough.”

Makes me want to go to Dave & Busters again and play some HOTD2.

Vampire Hunter Profile: Albert

Like his companion Michel, Albert’s background and age are unknown. And, like his fellow hunter, Albert has a cool and collected attitude to his fear – he will not allow himself to be intimidated by the vampire hordes. Careful in thought, each of Albert’s actions is thoughtfully calculated. He too has a highly tuned sixth sense regarding the enemy: “I can feel you… I can sense you… I will grant your wish… Your wish for death!”

Appearances: Vampire Night

Vampire Hunter Profile: Michel

No one knows how old the enigmatic Michel is – his steely gaze and strong demeanour betray nothing. With hand melded to gun, Michel stalks the enemy with silent determination – hunting the vampire is at the core of his identity. But while little is known of his origins, the people entrust themselves to his pledge: “The ages of vampires has come to an end! I shall banish you all to the depths of hell!”

Appearances: Vampire Night

Vampire Night

Vampire Night
Developer: Sega WOW (AM1)
Publishers: Namco and Sega
Platforms: Arcade, PS2
Release Date: 2000 (Arcade), 2001 (PS2)

Vampire Night is a on-rail arcade shooter developed by the same people that brought us The House of the Dead series, Sega WOW Entertainment and published by Namco, makers of the Time Crisis games.. The game features a lot of gameplay mechanics used in later House of the Dead games such as the boss cancel gauge and sounds. The game starts out with two vampire hunters, Michel and Albert, as they journey together to destroy Sir Vampire and his vampire army. Along the way, they are accompanied by a young girl named Caroline after saving her from vampires in her village. The two vampire hunters represents light, while the vampires represents dark. My question is, who shall live and who shall die?

From the manual
Deep within the earth shall they slumber.
Silently, they will wait in the darkness.
After three long centuries of sleep, the awakening will come.
Then there shall be heard a great cry throughout the land.
When the undead walk, none shall rest, and none shall sleep, except in death.

Two shall come to vanquish the immortal one.
Only they can bring an end to the bloodshed, for only those who know their
enemy have the power to destroy their enemy.

It is the fate of light and shadow…

It will be a VAMPIRE NIGHT.

Website’s story
Throughout time, a dark force has lain dormant, waiting to upset mankind’s peace and prosperity. For each sunlight hour, a blacker time must come, and for each century of harmony, a period of terror will ensue. And the driving force behind this horror is the Vampire…

Empowered by his long sleep, the Vampire stalks villages, destroys homes and feeds his spirit on human blood. While lesser men take flight, the Hunters know that evil must be confronted, and their combined strength must defeat the curse of the undead. But as the dawn rises, will the true identity of the Vampire Hunters be revealed? Could it be that they are made of the same flesh and blood as those that they hunt? Follow the map, join the battle and pray that you will survive the journey… Let us settle this once and for all…..’

Count Auguste aka Sir Vampire

Bathe’lemy the Knight
Guillaume the Genius
Raoul the Dark Mind
Diane the Queen of Ice
Auguste the Vampire


*coming soon*

*Vampire Night was developed by Sega WOW Entertainment (AM1) who are known for the House of the Dead series.
*The game also plays very similar to the House of the Dead games as players must rescue civilians from creatures, canceling bosses attacks, and the infamous voice acting.