Harry Harris

The House of the Dead 2

A special agent of the government agency “AMS.” Harry is either in his late thirties or early forties. No one knows his nationality. He does not speak about his past. He always seem gloomy. He habitually wears dark glasses, and never shows his expressions.


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Amy Crystal

The House of the Dead 2

A special agent of the government agency “AMS.” 29 years old. American. A reliable character, who has faced danger on many occassions. Amy is an open, frank, kind woman who never discriminates. She often behaves like a big sister to Gary, and has not yet accepted him fully as a special agent.


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Endings: The House of the Dead

Normal Ending

Occurs after beating the game under 60,000 pts with continues with a final view of the Curien Mansion.

Bad Ending

Occurs after beating the game under 60,000 pts with no continues with Sophie not surviving the Curien Incident and becomes a zombie.

Good Ending

Occurs after beating the game over 60,000 pts with no continues with Sophie surviving the Curien Incident.

Cheats: The House of the Dead


Play as Sophie Richards & Super G


Enter the following codes to play as Sophie Richards and Super G in the original House of the Dead arcade game as unlockable skins.
Left for Player 1 trigger & Right for Player 2 trigger.
Sophie: L,R,R,L,L,R, Start
Rogan2: L,R,L,R,L,R, Start

Display score

View your highest score during game play.
L,L,L,R,R,R, Start

Sega Saturn

Cheat Menu

On the select screen press L, R, R, L, L, R, then hold L+R and press Start

Clear Pause Screen

Press X + Y + Z while paused

Secret Characters


Choose the Saturn mode from the main menu; when the character select menu appear, hold L + R and press Up, Down, X, Y, Z

Show Score

Pause the game, hold L+R and press X, X, X

Unlimited Ammunition

While playing hold L + R and press Y, Y, Y

Windows PC
Unlock Character Stats and Cheat menu


To unlock the cheat menu and Character stats you must do the following.
At the main screen hold the Ctrl button and type skidmarx.
If you have successfully done it you will get your two new options to chose from.

Unlock Creature Test

To unlock Creature Test mode you must do the following.
At the main Menu hold the Ctrl key and type creature.

The Final Chapter ~ the house of the dead

Who are you? Nobody gives me instructions! I shall destroy everything!

Dr. Curien poured his heart and soul into the “person who stands on top of mankind” he created. However, “He” was born as a monster who did not follow any instructions. The fight to end this tragedy begins now.


10,000 Hi-Score Guide

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Boss: Magician type 0

HP: 800 Weakness: Unknown

Before sealing himself in the mansion’s inner lab, Dr. Curien hinted at his “ultimate creation”, a creature that would take humanity to the next evolutionary level. Little is know about the Magician’s abilities, speed or size but past experiments should give agents some idea of the threat they face. Dr. Curien’s legacy must follow him to the grave!


Pattern of Attack
1. Magician throws an array of fireballs from his hands while spinning

2. Magician charges his left hand (He only turns around slightly) and
   lets loose with a flaming slash .

3. Magician charges both of his hands with fire and then when fully
   charged, Magician lets loose with a wide-ranged Force Wave Attack.

4. Magician repeats steps 1-3 until he loses enough health.

5. Magician then dashes three times and then charges at you.  When he's
   about to hit you, he then does a decking flame slash.

6. Magician will continue to do the Three-Dash Flame Slash until he YET
   loses enough energy.

7. Magician will then once again throw an array of fireballs from his
   hands while spinning around.

8. Again Magician will charge his left hand (he will only turn around
   slightly) and follow that up with his flaming hand.

9. Now Magician gets desperate by charging both of his hands with fire
   and when fully charged, he will toss a Fire Force Wave at you.

10. Magician repeats 7-9 until he loses enough energy.

11. Magician will then do his trademark flaming hand to attack at you   again.  Only this time Magician will be a lot faster.

12. If Magician is close to his death, then he will find a spot where
    he can charge a high amount of raw, blistering droplets of fire.
    Now he charges up (leaning down) and when he's fully charged, he
    then unleashes the droplets of fire at the sky: Inferno Shower
    Desperation Attack.

13. Magician repeats his Inferno Shower Desperation Attack until he
    is defeated.

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Occurs after beating the game under 60,000 pts with no continues with Sophie not surviving the Curien Incident and becomes a zombie.

The Third Chapter ~ Truth

“I must complement you. I didn’t think you would make this far. However, this is it. Lets see how good you really are!”

Rogan and G succeeded in infiltrating the depths of the mansion to continue chasing Curien while struggling though a maze-like structure. They’ve managed to reach Curien, however….


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Boss: Hermit type 6803

HP: 160 Weakness: The Head

While the mansion’s surface dwelling creatures are lethal enough, the building’s extensive sewer system hides this evil arachnid. The Hermit was one of Dr. Curien’s first successful experiments and as such has been allowed to survive by acting as the guardian to the company’s inner laboratory. A toughened shell and lethal venom coupled with creature’s surprising speed make this abomination a Class One threat. There is a pattern of attacking with nails as it approaches closer and webs when it rotates it’s body, but in any case, the weak point is the head.


Patterns of Attack
1. Hermit will try to get close to you and bite or scratch you if he gets
   too close.  It doesn't guard its weak point from this point so try to
   shoot at Hermit as much as you can.

2. When Hermit loses enough energy, it will escape.  You will continue to
   chase Hermit.

3. If Hermit is too far from you, it will then throw its spider vomit
   at you.  The Spider Vomit Balls can be nullified.

4. Hermit will try to scratch or bite you but this time around he will
   guard his weak point with his arms and legs so be sure that you make
   your marksmanship skills count by shooting Hermit's Weak Point.

5. Hermit repeats steps 4 and 5 until it dies.

Stage Gallery

The Second Chapter ~ Revenge

“This is as far as you go, I’ll finish you here!”

With revenge on Dr. Curien in mind, Rogan and G proceed further into the mansion filled with atrocious creatures. The story truly begins when the agents fight against a slither monster that will not allow them to enter into the deepest part of the mansion in order to achieve Rogan’s personal grudge.


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Boss: HangedMan type 041

HP:800 Weakness: The Body

Dr. Curien’s imaginative use of the Bioreactor seems to know no bounds. The Hangedman is thought to be a unique bat/human hybrid as evidence by its wingspan, nocturnal dwelling and hyper sonic navigational abilities. AMS Intelligence Division have observed the Hangedman during night flights and noted a “cloud of vampire bats” shrouding this monster. Its weak point is the whole body other than the wings, but even if you play alone, you can not cancel the attack unless you fire several shots. Like normal enemies, you can get high points by shooting its head.


Patterns of Attack (End of Stage 2)
1. Hangedman will throw bats at you.  You can either shoot the bats for
   a higher score or rapidly fire bullets on Hangedman while he's wide

2. When he loses enough health and/or loses all of his bats, he will
   then deck you with a charging scratch.

3. Hangedman will travel in a pattern that will make it difficult to
   shoot on his chest and then will try to deck you with
   a Charging Scratch.

4. Hangedman repeats step 3 until he's near-death.

5. When he's near-death, Hangedman will try to drag you out of the
   roof, but you are able to survive the fall.

6. Now Hangedman will try to charge at you.

7. Hangedman will now do Step 3 once again until he dies.

Stage Gallery

The First Chapter ~ Tragedy

Others are still inside. Help them.

The first stage depicts everything from the agents arriving towards the mansion to the tragic reunion with Sophie, which is the highlight of the tragedy. It’s a deep area where there are a lot of branch routes and it is not possible to grasp the whole scene by playing once or twice.


10,000 Hi-Score Guide

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Boss: Chariot type 27

HP: 480 Weakness: Chest

Originally designed to act as Dr. Curien’s personal bodyguard, the creature know as Chariot is an unstoppable powerhouse. Chemically treated skin has been enhanced with high tensile steel, acting as an impenetrable armored shell. Chariot’s speed and strength are devastating when combined with his razor-sharp battle staff. It’s weak point is the damaged part of the armor on the right chest, which seems to have been the result of a fierce death battle by a previously infiltrated agent.


Patterns of Attack (This applies to both Chapters 1 and 4)
1. Chariot will try to get close to you and swing his axe to prevent
   you from slamming him at his weak point.  If he's close enough, you
   will feel the unwelcome touch of his axe.

2. If Chariot takes too many hits at his chest, he'll try to lean down
   for a while to block any shots that would land at nothing but his
   weak point.

3. Chariot will repeat step 1 until he loses even more energy.

4. If Chariot loses more energy right after he repeats Step 1, then he
   will lose his armor.

5. Chariot is defenseless so he tries to punch you in the face in spite
   of his slow movements.  He'll try to land a punch at you and he'll
   keep on trying until he's defeated.

Stage Gallery

SEGA Interactive interviews HOTD series director Takashi Oda and wants to develop 3 more games

In a recent interview uploaded on SEGA Interactive’s official website, the company interviewed The House of the Dead series director, Takashi Oda, on his life history as a junior high school student before having a career at SEGA in Japan.

The interview goes further in depth on his time developing The House of the Dead series with he and his team at AM1 were task to create a gun shooting game with horror taste after the success of Virtua Cop, his reaction to the location test version with the rejected blow back gun system, and the proposal on making The House of the Dead 5 back in 2012 before House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn was in development.

The few interesting tidbits within the interview is that Oda-san would love to continue making at least 3 more House of the Dead titles in the future, including a House of the Dead FPS to give players enough freedom to walk around stages if there was enough demand. You can read the full interview with Google Translate. What are your initial thoughts on the interview and the future of the House of the Dead series? I think HOTD FPS would be a good concept if it focuses on the aspects of virtual reality.

The House of the Dead 1 & 2 to be rebooted by Forever Entertainment


Forever Entertainment, the Polish publisher that has collaborated with SEGA with rebooting other classic titles such as Panzar Dragoon, will be remaking The House of the Dead 1 & 2 with MegaPixel Studio as the developer for the games and will be true to the original games’ storyline with some graphical differences and tweaked game play to bring them to modern day gaming.

The House of the Dead 1 & 2 Remake is targeting a release window of 2020 with no console announcement just yet. Since the House of the Dead games are rail shooters, where players are AMS agents destroying abominable creatures in their path, it may have a release on the Nintendo Switch.

What are your initial thoughts on The House of the Dead 1 & 2 being remade from the ground up? Would you have also like to see the games ported to modern consoles in it’s original format by SEGA & M2? Feel free to leave a comment below!