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House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn: The Attraction coming to Tokyo Joypolis on March 19th in Japan

The official House of the Dead twitter accounthas recently made an announcement that the latest House of the Dead installment will receive an brand new attraction called House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn: The Attraction at Tokyo Joypolis in Japan which will be playable on March 19th.

The attraction will replace The House of the Dead 4 Special, an updated version and side story to the fourth game, which stopped its operation recently this month and will feature a shooting ride theater type attraction with the capacity of 12 players (4 players each on 3 screens). The objective of the attraction is to work together as a team by shooting down incoming creatures and bosses in a building while obtaining the highest ranked score. Check out screens of the attraction below the article!

House of the Dead 1 & 2 Game Pages Updated. Happy Halloween!

Hello friends in the HotD Community! I’m here to wish you all a Happy Halloween. With the remakes of the first two games in the series in development by MegaPixel Studio and published by Forever Entertainment, I went ahead and updated the game pages for both games all this month with their own chapters, endings, gallery, music, cheats, artwork and trivia sections with high score guides coming soon on a later date with the help of skilled players in the community for newcomers introduced to the House of the Dead series.

Other House of the Dead games that came after the first two will also be updated in a similar fashion. Feel free to navigate through the pages and Happy Halloween from The Website of the Dead!

– Kori


Endings: The House of the Dead 2

Normal Ending

Occurs after beating the game under 80,000 pts with continues. You will be thanked by the people and fellow agents you’ve saved.

Bad Ending

Occurs after beating the game under 80,000 pts with the last digit being 0 with Goldman resurrected as zombie after his suicidal fall.

Good Ending

Occurs after beating the game over 80,000 pts with the last digit not 0. You will be greeted by AMS Agent Thomas Rogan, a key witness of the 1998 Curien Mansion. He will lead you to the next battle ahead.

The Final Chapter ~ Original Sin


At last, you’ve come… friends. The door of fate shall open.

Finally, we reached Goldman’s headquarters. There, an eerie creature that is completely different from the past is waiting. You can’t turn back anymore … The last battle for the human race survival begins …


High Score Guide

*Coming Soon*

Original Mode Guide

*Coming Soon*

Boss: Emperor Type-a

Created by Goldman, this creature must be at the top of nature.
That is “EMPEROR”.
The weak point is the red core that is visible in the center of the transparent body .

Unlike other bosses, you can cut down on its health as much as you shoot, so you’ll be able to test the “accuracy” and “fire power” you’ve been using so far .

“EMPEROR” attack patterns can be broadly divided into three types.

[1] Bit Attack
Randomly attack with 3 types: throwing spheres, throwing spheres simultaneously, and rushing.

○ Spheres
One hand is pushed out before the attack.
Be careful because the speed of the sphere changes depending on the difficulty.
Spheres can be shot in one shot, so deal with them without rushing.

○ Simultaneous Spheres
 When shooting spheres simultaneous, “EMPEROR” pushes
out both hands before the attack . There is no change in speed when the spheres are shot simultaneously.

○ Rushing cut
When it prepares rush, the “EMPEROR” will accumulate energy before the attack, so you can shoot a lot in the gap . If you
fire the core while its wielding a sword, you can stop the attack.

[2] Dummy Attack

If you reduce it’s health by about 30%, the attack pattern of the “EMPEROR” will change,
and will attack you by changing into the bosses you’ve have fought so far.

This pattern is always used when a bullet reaches the core during JUDGMENT charging.
There is no pattern of turning left and right, so fire in the middle .

jumps high and tries to poke a spear.
There is no opening and closing of the chest, so you can just shoot at the core .
It’s the easiest pattern to deal with.

Once it tilt its neck to the right and start to hang from the top, it is important to aim at the moment you turn right .
The aim is fixed at the upper right corner
toward “EMPEROR”, and when “TOWER” starts moving , try to shoot the place continuously .

○ The point is to aim around this
forehead slightly above the STRENGTH head .
You can shoot only for a moment before the chainsaw can hit you, so the
timing is considerably severe compared to other dummy attacks. This is the most difficult pattern to deal with.

[3] Rotation attack When the
When the remaining health is about 1/3, it becomes only the core and
rushes with a bit that rotates around .

It is necessary to aim well because the core is small, but if you aim calmly, you can easily deal with it. If you get to here, you win.

Stage Gallery

*Coming Soon*

The Fifth Chapter ~ Dawn


“Our Emperor shall awaken soon… Hurry friends.”

Goldman is on the top floor of the building at A0063. Goldman is waiting for the AMS, with the emperor’s awakening in mind. Your ambition … is to stop him at all cost!


High Score Guide

*Coming Soon*

Original Mode Guide

*Coming Soon*

Boss: Magician Type-0

One of Dr. Curien’s greatest masterpieces.
“MAGICIAN” is a powerful life form that can manipulate flames freely.
It was supposed to have been buried in the Curien Mansion case …

There are four weak points, the left upper arm, right lower arm,
left thigh, and right shin
 that are not covered by armor .
Attacks other than weak points are not allowed.

The weak part of the foot is easy to aim because the exposed part is larger and the movement is less .


There are two basic attack patterns.

Fire bullets at the fire projectile from both hands of the “MAGICIAN”.
While accumulating energy, fire towards the weak point, and when a

bullet is fired , give priority to shooting the projectile .

The fire projectiles can be shot down with a single shot, so
if you have reached this point, you should be able to deal with them.

[2] Flame slashing
“MAGICIAN” rushes with the flame in his arm.
Whether or not to attack. This attack will be a parting of life and death.
If you hit a weak point, you can stop the attack, so as soon as he start rushing, aiming at his left thigh or right shin is easy to deal with.

When “MAGICIAN” loses half of his health, the
fire projectiles will come down mercilessly from the sky.
10 shots fired from both hands, with shooting the
5 rounds at them in the center.

Here, the continuous rapid fire means a lot, so put a lot of power into it.

Because the “MAGICIAN” is defenseless while he accumulates energy , aim at the right foot and aim at a focused attack to take him down once and for all.

Stage Gallery

The Fourth Chapter ~ Despair


“Everything’s set. All we need to do is wait…”

Apparently something happened to Amy and Harry who separated along the way. Go through the spooky dark underpass with prisons and basements and hurry to the Coliseum!


High Score Guide

*Coming Soon*

Original Mode Guide

*Coming Soon*

Boss: Strength Type-205

“STRENGTH” is a huge zombie that wields a huge chainsaw. The weak point of “STRENGTH” is the head, but it is hard to hit because it is shot with a chainsaw.


There are three types of attack patterns.

[1] The chainsaw cutting
“STRENGTH” rushes at a tremendous momentum and
cuts with a chainsaw .
The only way to stop him is to fire at the head.

Continue to aim to hit this ,
You got to attack so that it prevents the creature to not attack with the chainsaw as much as possible.

[2] Throwing
“STRENGTH” will throw a hatchet that has been driven into his body.
Shoot the hatchet flying in an arc, then aim at the head.

[3] Jump cut
“STRENGTH” jumps from the top of the wall.
There is a chance to shoot your head just before landing, but be
careful because the timing is severe .
From the moment you jump off, the
the point is to fire around the jaw .

Occasionally, a chain saw is raised and is threatening, but there are
plenty of opportunities. Shoot bullets into your head without mercy.

The route is divided into the east side and the west side of the Coliseum, but the basic strategy is the same. You can also shoot “STRENGTH” body and gradually reduce his health bar, but you can’t stop the momentum, so you should continue to aim at the head.

Stage Gallery

The Third Chapter ~ Darkness


“It’s been awhile hasn’t it? My friends from the AMS. It’s me Goldman.”

The chaos in the city seems to be the work of “Goldman,” the mastermind behind the 1998 murders of the Curien Mansion Incident. He is one of the world’s top conglomerates and an expert on the genome theory. No matter who he is, you can’t allow this chaos to continue!


High Score Guide

*Coming Soon*

Original Mode Guide

*Coming Soon*

Boss: Tower Type-8000

“TOWER” is a giant dragon with five necks. To defeat “TOWER”, you must first annihilate the four brown dragons.


Before one of the brown dragon bites and attacks, the mouth will glow, so
aim for that moment . Even if the mouth isn’t fully open,
it’s important to aim and shoot if the mouth shines .

Also, even if the mouth is not shining,
you can do damage if the mouth is slightly open .
When the brown dragon is annihilated, it becomes a single fight with the blue dragon in the back room.
The blue dragon will try to bite you while moving violently, but
if you aim at the mouth while the mouth is shining, you should be able to defeat it without difficulty.
Even if you get stuck, you will attack with its mouth wide open in the end. Rapidly fire without giving up.
Depending on the route, there will be a confrontation between the water and sand area. However,
the basic capture pattern is the same, with only a slight difference in the timing at which the mouth shines .

Stage Gallery

The Second Chapter ~ Muddy


Dogs of the AMS… Time they made a move.

The state of the city was very similar to the horrendous Curien Mansion incident that took place in 1998 … Unless if you can rescue the people of the city who had yet to escape, you have to suppress the city’s confusion and aim for the Sunset Bridge…


High Score Guide

*Coming Soon*

Original Mode Item Locations

*Coming Soon*

Boss: Hierophant Type B-05

A giant minamata creature carrying a trident is “HIEROPHANT”. The weak point is the heart covered with hard skin. Be careful because all bullets shot at locations other than the heart will be shot.

Since “HIEROPHANT” approaches and attacks with a spear,
it is necessary to shoot the heart surely . Remember the timing of opening, and aim at a few shots instead of firing continuously

If you reduce its health by almost half, “HIEROPHANT” will
attack by summoning Mofish at you . It is difficult to counter all Mofish. In
order to finish the attack of Mofish as soon as possible, it is good to aim and damage the heart immediately after moving to this attack .

Concentrate and shoot down the Mofish that fly onscreen. If you can, aim for the heart in the meantime. Even if the attack of the Mofish is over, guarding is forbidden. This time “HIEROPHANT” will jump big and aim for you. You may be confused by the big movements at first, but if you start falling from the top of the jump, you can shoot down if you aim at the heart .
It’s a position where you can’t see the heart, but won’t hurt to rapidly fire.

There is timing involved in order to shoot the heart even after “HIEROPHANT” has landed or received damage. Pay attention to it’s chest.

There are two types of jump attacks: jumping from the top of the bridge and jumping from the water. When jumping from the top of the bridge, there is a timing when the heart is exposed before flying, so aim at it and shoot the bullets.

Depending on the route, you may face up on the pier. The attack pattern and the timing at which the heart is exposed are slightly different, but the
basic strategy is the same.

Stage Gallery

Trivia: The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead 2 ran on the SEGA Naomi arcade board which serves as basics for the SEGA Dreamcast. The only difference between the arcade and DC versions is that the arcade version has more blood spurting from creatures.

The original title name for the sequel in the prototype was “The House of the Dead 2: Original Sin”.

There was an unused track in the prototype version of The House of the Dead 2. Possibly was going to be used for attract mode.

The BGM from the second chapter “Muddy” borrows melody from the first chapter “Tragedy” from the original House of the Dead game.

Both the Emperor’s intro and Zombie Revenge main theme shares the same soundtrack including both the games ending themes which sounds fairly familiar to each other as the soundtracks were composed by Tetsuya Kawauchi and Haruyoshi Tomita. You can hear both ending themes here and here.

Bruno Delinger and Caroline Powell from the Dynamite Deka series makes an appearance as cameos in the House of the Dead 2’s “Original Mode”. Both Dynamite Deka and The House of the Dead series were developed by SEGA AM1.

In the console version of The House of the Dead 2, the flashbacks of the first House of the Dead in the game’s intro were recorded using the game’s engine.


The House of the Dead 2 is the only main game in the series to have spawn numerous spinoff titles such as the Typing series, Pinball and English of the Dead.

A Ken series creatures made in an appearance in Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series in issue #98 which was an adaptation of another Dreamcast title, Sonic Adventure 2.